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Pietracupa: decise, intese and strong charactered wines. The great expressive soul of Campania.
Pietracupa history begins at the beginning of the 70s, when Peppino Loffedo bought an estate on the Montefredano hill, near Avellino. A comeback to the country made to produce a Final wine. But in 1999 everything changed when the son Sabino took part to the company, so the Pietracupa project. Pietracupa wine cellar is now run by Carmine Valentino, a great Campania white wines and Taurasi interpreter. The Fiano is cultivated all around the the house-wine cellar, on an almost one hectare and a half of clayish-calcareous ground: The Greco is produced from the vineyards near Santa Paolina, an area with a great wine vocation able to give life of great value.
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Pastificio Bossolasco: Artisanal pasta made with durum wheat cultivated in Piedmont.
Spaghetti, penne, trenette: the bronze wire drawing which gives pasta the right roughness and porosity which allows it to bind with the sauce better. The drying phase allows the qualities of each format to fix better: every format has its specific time, way and temperature. As nature which takes 9 months to take durum wheat to maturation, in the same way the artisanal processing of pasta is not hurry. Only slowness can protect all the raw material properties. So the short pastas wait patiently on wooden frames, the long ones are hung until they're ready to reach the best pasta shops or cooked by the best chefs to donate a unique taste experience.
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The Licorice
Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a perennial plant that belongs to the legumes family. It is used as a digestive, expectorant and a protection to the gastric mocks membrane. It is very useful for the cure of the cough, sore throat and gastric acidity. Who suffers from low pressure can benefit from licorice as it increase the blood pressure. Licorice is used often in the preparation of desserts and candies but its sweet and bitter taste at the same time is also taking part to salty recipes. In fact with the licorice root many sauces to pair with meat and fish but also dishes ad the "risotto with licorice" are prepared.
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