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iContadini offers the freshness of Puglia's vegetables in a jar all year long.
Consuming fruits and vegetables in season is a mantra for every food lover, as well as a guideline for those who grow and produce naturally. Preservation is a complementary art to this concept, helping to maintain the freshness of those products and rediscover their flavors without distorting them or growing them out of season. A technique with few ingredients and steps, which therefore require quality of the raw material and absolute care for a high level result, it is precisely on these two elements that the work of iContadini is based. Everything starts from the concept of Integrated Agriculture, therefore the respect of the life cycle of plants, adapting to what the earth offers, which together with natural fertilization and optimized use of water resources are the basis of respect for the environment, a key concept for the company. The second step is the natural drying process, which derives from the historical and cultural heritage of the area, where since ancient times the abundance of sunshine has been man's ally, and in this case it guarantees a slow and complete drying process, able to best concentrate the flavors of future preserves. The last step is preservation, which uses only three ingredients: Salt from the Trapani Salt Pans (Slow Food Presidium), a natural preservative par excellence and flavor enhancer, Lemon Juice (Organic from Calabria) which helps maintain a pleasant consistency and is also a source of Vitamin C, and finally Organic Apple Vinegar (Emilia Romagna) which is preferred to other vinegars as it has a delicate and non-invasive taste towards the vegetables.
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Oleificio Costa between Extra Virgin Etna DOP and Natural Flavored Oils
The Nocellara Etnea is a variety of olives native to the land on the slopes of Etna, where wine is not the only agri-food excellence. In fact, from the union between the composition of the volcanic soil and the unique genetics of the Nocellara Etnea cultivar comes an oil under unrepeatable conditions, consequently endowed with unique flavor and character. Intense, very fresh with an aroma of artichoke and a soft fruitiness oriented towards freshness. Among the few producers of this specialty there is Oleificio Costa, with its Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sofia Etna DOP, a prominent element in a variegated company's production which also includes excellent flavored oils, in which the same raw material of the flavoring (fogile of basil, sprigs of oregano, lemon peel, whole hot peppers) is found inside the bottle itself, for a natural and intense flavor intake with uniquely local Sicilian products.
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