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1701 Franciacorta the first Biodynamic Franciacorta
"We believe in an approach far removed from any forcing and chemical intervention that is also a philosophy of life, a way of approaching the vineyard, understanding it and respecting it in its life cycle until, in the bottle, it fully expresses its vitality, character and virtues," Silvia Stefini begins. "We have succeeded in combining a clean, fresh and elegant product with an agriculture that respects the vineyard, creating the best natural conditions for it to be healthy and strong. Since 2015 we have been certified organic and since July 2016 we have been the first and, so far, only winery in Franciacorta to obtain Demeter biodynamic certification. We produce about 60,000 bottles a year. We have chosen not to add sugar to any of our wines and to leave them on the lees for a minimum of 30 months, even where the Franciacorta specification stipulates 18 and 24 months. In the best vintages we produce Franciacorta Vintage millesimato Docg, the best that can be obtained from the estate's vineyard heritage aged for a minimum of 40 months. Then, we also like to experiment and this is how Sullerba was born, a sur lies 100% chardonnay re-fermented in the bottle with the must of the same vine for the second fermentation and Surnąt, igt Sebino bianco vinified in terracotta amphorae". The Franciacorta Brut Nature must be interpreted at a distance, being now slightly reluctant to let go. A few months will make it a harmonious wine with a taut and persistent sip.
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Tenuta delle Ripalte typical wines of the Island of Elba
THE FATTORIA DELLE RIPALTE AGRICULTURAL FARM on the Island of Elba, dedicated to the production of typical Tuscan products of excellence, boasts an ancient history of passion for the land and its precious fruits. The Tenuta di Capo Calamita, which stood on the promontory of the same name and is now known as the Tenuta delle Ripalte, was in fact purchased at the end of the 19th century by the Swiss-born noble entrepreneur Oscar Tobler. Always passionate about agriculture, he started the current first-class business that produces thousands of bottles of wine every year. Most of the land is dedicated to the typical Elba grape variety, Aleatico, introduced in 2002, along with the production of Aleatico Passito d'Elba and Rosato di Aleatico. An excellent grappa is also distilled from the marc. This production extends over about fifteen hectares spread over four areas, all above 180 metres in altitude to ensure greater ventilation in a soil of volcanic origin rich in minerals, resulting in a wine of absolute quality and value. From the Gorgaccio vineyards facing east, Bianco delle Ripalte is produced: a Vermentino IGT Costa Toscana. From Alicante and Carignano grapes, Rosso delle Ripalte is produced, a wine with a harmonious character that is well suited to the seafood cuisine typical of the Tuscan coast. Worthy of note is the fact that the farm is located within the Tuscan Archipelago National Park; for this reason, agronomic production follows the dictates of sustainable agriculture. Fertilisation is carried out with organic fertilisers, we apply maximum weed control with mechanical tillage or hoeing, and there is no irrigation so as not to impoverish the site's scarce water supply.
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New Berta Grappas: Discover them in our Catalog
Berta is among the most renowned distilleries in all of Italy, its grappas have toured the world and are a reference point for distillate enthusiasts Today we discover the latest additions to the Berta distillery: Grappa Castelletto dell'Annunziata and Grappa Rondena. Castelletto dell'Annunziata is a multi-varietal made from Barbera, Nebbiolo and Moscato, three of the region's most representative typical grape varieties. The result is a grappa rich in different notes and facets, a concert of sensations in which ripe fruit, cherry, tobacco, cocoa, vanilla and orange blossom stand out. Grappa Rondena Amarone Riserva, on the other hand, is Berta's first experiment outside the region. For this, the great typical Venetian grape varieties were chosen: Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. From these marcs results a product with an enveloping flavor, where red fruits, cherry jam, and spices such as cocoa, cinnamon and black pepper stand out.
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