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The pasta factory Masciarelli
The pasta factory Masciarelli makes the pasta still as our grandparents did. The result is an artisanal pasta endowed with an authentic and pure taste, which contains the old flavors and scents of the country from which it originates.
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The bottarga (fish eggs) is a very fine food, composed by mullet or tuna eggs
This exquisite food, which is taken from dried and salted mullet or tune eggs, is produced only in some areas of our country like Alghero and Stintino in Sardinia, Trapani and Favignana in Sicily and in some cities of Calabria and Tuscany The Bottarga (fish eggs) has a very intense taste, for its production eggs undergo a long process of drying and saltiness, then they're pressed and aged for 90 days at least, a process that make this product unique in the world. The most common way to taste bottarga is the one to grate it on the food like is usually done with cheese or it can be eaten cutting it into very thin slices, seasoning it with a little extra virgin olive oil and pair it with some slices of toasted bread or better in a dish of pasta. Recipe- Cauliflower with Bottarga Ingredients: 1 kg cauliflower; 40 g bottarga; 3 peeled tomatoes, parsley, lemon juice, 1 garlic clove, extra virgin olive oil, black pepper. Preparation: Boil the cauliflower in salted water leaving it "al dente", drain it, cut it in logs and place them in a dish. Prepare the sauce chopping up very thinly the bottarga and put it in a mixer together with lemon juice, garlic, parsley, peeled tomatoes and black pepper. When all the ingredients will be well amalgamated add the extra virgin olive oil very slowly continuing to mix. Arrange the sauce on the cauliflower and serve it.
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The Marsala wine: the first Italian DOC "A fortified wine which from the Sicilian coasts has first conquered England and then the whole Wolrd"
The Marsala DOC is a rich and full-bodied fortified wine which presents itself based on the grapes used, the aging and many other factors with different variables. The first distinction concerns the colour and the grapes used: the Marsala gold and amber is produced from the fine Grillo, Catarratto, Inzolia and Damaschino grapes and it is bright coloured. For the ruby Marsala black berry grapes (Pignatello, Nero d'Avola, and Nerello Mascalese) are used instead. Moreover, based on the sugar content, the Marsala can be dry, half dry or sweet. Depending on the producing and the aging than there can be Marsala Fine, Marsala Superiore, Marsala Superiore Reserve, Marsala Vergine and the Marsala Vergine Reserve. The production zone is extended for all the province of Trapani, excluding Favignana and Pantelleria islands and Alcamo. Marsala- liqueur-Sicilian-02 The Territory The province of Trapani (or Free Communal Consortium of Trapani) it is the most western province of the sicilian provinces and occupy that part of the territory which culminates in the western top of the island. On the western side the Sicilian Channel and on the northern side the Tirreno Sea flow the coasts which become from high and indented to low and sandy towards the state capital. The Spalagio mount, with its 1110 meters is the highest among the surrounding mounts. The Egadi islands (Favignana, Levanzo, Marettimo) emerge few distant from the west coast. The state capital isn't the most populated city of the province, but it is a city with over 80 thousand inhabitants whose harbour raise towards the west coast; it is famous for the landing of the Thousand in 1860: it is Marsala, the home of the Marsala DOC wine. Marsala-liqueur-Sicilian-03 The History The Marsala wine history is quite atypical, it is the result of a singular chain of event, business affairs and trades. The central figure of this history is the english merchant John Woodhouse who, in 1773, after having reach Marsala harbour, ate with his hands drink the good local wine. The wine, which was treated with the direct aging method called perpetuum, was so much liked by the English that he decided to carry with him some barrels towards the English coasts, afte adding some wine spirit to preserve the wine during the voyage. The wine had such a great success in England that Woodhouse thought to come back to Sicily to start producing himself the wine and it was followed by some English entrepreneurs. In 1833 Vincenzo Florio funded thawing cellars of the same name starting the production of Marsala in competition with the English. In a short time the Sicilian fortified wine conquered the world and in 1931 already come laws and rules to protect the product and circumscribe the production zone were made. For the same reasons in 1963 the Consortium for the safe of the Marsala DOC wine was funded and so in 1969 the Marsala became the first italian product recognized as DOC. Marsala-Liqueur-Sicilian-01 Food-pairing From the golden yellow to the intense amber to the red ruby glares, the Marsala shades are so many and they reflect its different tastes. A wine with different personalities, but various, which adapts to different moments and pairings. So a dry Marsal, both Superior or Vergine, is a fantastic aperitif, accompanied by strong taste cheeses as Pecorino or Gorgonzola. In the same way the Vergine Soleras can be the ideal pairing of strong taste fish, game or soup dishes. The pairing with the dessert can be the best with Marsala. There are so many recipes in the Sicilian gastronomy in which Marsala is the irreplaceable ingredient.
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Astoria distributes the wines produced in its own proper Agricultural Company "Tenuta Val De Brun" in Refrontolo, in the heart of the DOCG zone in Conegliano - Valdobbiadene. Forty hectares, placed in one of the most beautiful wine producing zones of Italy, well known for its clime, show the sweetness of its mounts and the harmonious succession of vineyards. The company connects its name to the most typical product of the enological Veneto tradition: the Prosecco; with this wine, the Millesimato, during the passing of the years has won a lot of rewards, among which the most significative is the Great Gold Medal at the National Enological Contest Vinitaly in Verona. prosecco Millesimato DOCG and Refrontolo Passito DOCG represent the best products. But Astoria is not only Prosecco, it also produces barrique wines like the Colli di Conegliano DOCG Crevada and Croder and it takes advantage of the technical support of a staff snowed with great knowledge and prestige.
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Amarone Classico Bertani "Classic, Enduring, Elegant"
The Amarone Classico Bertani is a timeless wine, it is the expression a an unique style that Bertani has always followed. A classic style that doesn't need to change because it is always actual. the Amarone is born from Corvina and Rondinella grapes the Tenuta Novare hills, in the heart of the Valpolicella Classico in vineyards only dedicated to drying. Produced by Bertani in 1958, Amazon Classico Bertani means perfect harmony between time, nature and man: we dedicated it our know-how and passion, with a long waiting and great care. The grapes are made resting on some "aréle", the bambù-made trellis, following the traditional production method. The fermentation and refining in big barrels for 6 years at least makes it structure stable, making it one of the most enduring wine of the world.
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Ode to the Bitto, the enduring Valtellina cheese
The Bitto Storico is an artisanal product, it is produced only during the summer in the 12 authorized mountain pasture. The cattle, Bruno Alpine race cows and orobic race goats, is carried on the pastures in June and remains there until September. This product is born in the Valli Orobiche and the alpine pastures, and it is the result of the meeting of humidity, temperature and manual skills. The area Bitto DOP production area includes the province of Sondrio and the districts of the high Brembana valley. The Bitto Storico production area instead is limited on the Orobiche Pre-Alps, between the provinces of Sondrio, Bergamo and Lecco. The main valleys of production are Gerola and Albaredo, the valleys of Bitto. In addition to the taste rich in herbaceous aromas and perfumes, the Bitto improves with the passing of time. Its success is due to the aging too, a Bitto wheel can be conserved for over 10 years. The purists are horrified by the idea of using it in some recipes, so they enjoy it purely, slowly, to maintain on the palate the aromas of flowers and august herbs. It melts instantly in the mouth and it lives aromas of dried fruit, butter, hay, dried flowers. The Bitto gives its best at an environment temperature, so before enjoying it take it far from cold places for half a day.
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Agricultural Company Pizzavacca: The Authentic in oil Giardiniera
The Cascina Pizzavacca is placed in Villanova sull'Arda, a little village funded by the romans in the province of Piacenza that rises among the country green landscape rich in orchards and surrounded by woods alongside the Po river. The agricultural company Cascina Pizzavacca, funded by the Pisaroni family, carries on the familiar traditions that give value to the typical products of these lands. Since 2006, when it started also with some difficults, the process of innovation and the introduction of the cultivated fruit processing in the company. La Cascina Pizzavacca is still nowadays the unique seal of simplicity and genuineness of the agricultural tradition typical gestures. Vegetable sauces, jams, and fruit nectars are produced in the company transformation laboratory starting from the raw materials cultivated in the fields. The Pisaroni high quality products, confirmed by the constant organoleptic tests, has the recipe of its success in the absolutely artisanal transformation which follows in every detail the Piacenza ancient recipes. Still nowadays, as it was in the past, Bruno Pisaroni's (chef of Cascina Pizzavacca) recipes totally excludes the use of preservatives, colourants and any other additives, in order to offer absolutely natural tastes and aromas. The most typical product is the authentic Giardiniera, a coloured composition of mixed vegetables: peperoni, green beans, cabbage, onion, celery, carrot. Its consistency is unique, given by the sweet cooking during the preparation, when you taste it you can perceive its crunchiness and its strong structure.
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Tenuta Orsumella: The Chianti Classico in our hearts
Tenuta Orsumella is located in Montefiridolfi within the Chianti Classico denomination at 300 meters height above the sea level, it extends for 78 hectares, 25 of which are assigned as vineyard and 11 assigned as olive grove. Territory, viticulture and every day care are wisely locked in a bottle. The Chianti Classico expression indicates the purest and most ancient area of the Chianti region. One of the most well-known and appreciated wine of the world is produced in this restricted area. The Menichetti family, which has reached the third generation now, is now witness of this great tradition, aware of the fact that nowadays the winemakers are the custodians of ancient techniques which have the power to evoke the character and beauty of this ancient land. ORSUMELLA Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Orsumella wine takes its name directly from the estate's one and it is the expression of its own spirit. An 100% Sangiovese intense and complex wine. CORTE RINIERI Chianti Classico D.O.C.G Riserva Rigorous, respectful of the Chianti Classico traditions, Conte Rinieri knows how to give back the beauty and the perfume of the land from which it comes from. RUBERETO Tuscany I.G.T Produced from the vineyards of the Orsumella estate, Rubereto is a red ruby coloured blend, an intense fruit resulting from the selection of the best grapes.
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La Marca, Land of Prosecco
In 1968 a significant group of winemakers realized the necessity of putting together energies and experiences to safeguard and represent deeply their own productions even in the most far markets. The company has grown year after year working professionally on its quality, public image and territorial typicalness. Nowadays La Marca represents its own associate wine makers's production through certified and guaranteed high quality wines, followed step by step respecting traditions, culture and territory. The DOCG area is a privileged environment for the vine cultivation, it extends among the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, which are hard to cultivate but fascinating lands. The high temperature range between day and night is the ideal condition for the production of fresh, aromatic and elegant sparkling wines
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Casa Morana: We cultivate the taste
Casa Morana is a company born in the province of Ragusa, in the small village Cava D'Aliga. It is an innovative company which works towards , through the ethics and excellence, becoming the leader in the production of high quality tomato sauces. The best tomato sauces are made through the use of high quality raw material obtained following our values of tradition and innovation. Fresh tomatoes, natural ingredients, artisanal work, genuine products: we ensure that the traditional taste isn't altered witouth adding any additives or preservatives. The tomatoes, which are directly cultivated in our greenhouses, just picked up, are carried to the transformation lab, where it is transformed and conserved through artisanal methods without using any machinery. Every year during the summer our grandparents used to work in the same way in order to conserve the best of the summery production all year long. Artisanal processes but also a continuous research and innovation of the products, ensure that our products will get better and better.
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Cuordisale - Salinagrande "Ingredients: Sun, Sea, Wind and... Heart."
"Cuordisale Salinagrande" is born from a selction of the finest salt in "Salinagrande" saltwork, it is hand-picked using the original extraction method "a spalla" (lit "by shoulder"). It is picked up and saved from the athmospheric agents during the same day. "Cuoredisale Salinagrande" remains always uncontamined and so it represents the best among the best! The salt-making masters, the so-called "curatoli",hace been handing down the ancient knowledge of "salt making" through the centuries. A True raw salt, obvoiusly pure, without the need of further processing, "Cuor di Sale" maintains the natural balance of oligoelements essentials for a right diet. It doesn't contain only sodium chloride but also a mix of minerals that our body needs. The raw sea salt is considered an adjuvant of the normal diet by the Biological Medicine. For example the "living" magnesium and potassium contained in the raw sea salt, are far more precious than a lot of inorganic salts sold in the pharmacies.In addittion to the sodium and chlorine, in this sea salt there are some mineral "impurities" (sulphates, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and trace mineral like strontium, manganese, iodine, zinc, fluoride, silver, boron, silicon, copper and so on) which are all very precious for our health.
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Acqualagna Truffle "Fine White and Black Truffles"
Truffles are picked up in the heart Pesaro Urbino province, in the city of Acqualagna, a holy temple of truffle. The climatic and enviromenatal chracteristics make Acqualagna one of the few zones in which truffles can be picked up and commercialized all year long, guaranteeing wide possibilities of choiche among all the main varieties of this famous earth product: from the white truffle, the most tipical among the locals, to the bianchetto; from the black fine truffle to the summery one.
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Podere Castellaccia: " the goodness of the wines is born in the vineyard".
Podere Castellaccia extends for 50 hectares on a hill in front of the sea and the city of Grosseto, precisely in the area that limits the magnificent Maremma game reserve. In this company tradition, agricultural knowledges and cultivation techniques together with the climatic and environmental conditions which exclusively belong to this area, make quality prevail on quantity. The local vine varieties give their best fruit in an area which has the value of having climatic and geomorphological characteristics which are ideal for cultivating vine. The goodness of these wines is born in the vineyard where some interventions on the vines are made in order to obtain low yield and high quality. When the grapes reach an optimal maturation they are selected and rigorously hand-picked. The south-eastern exposition at an height of 100-127 meters above the sea level and the favorable climatic conditions contribute to determine the intense aromas and taste, the vivacity in colour and the high alcoholic percentage which are all characteristics of these wines. Podere Castellaccia top product is Morellino di Scansano is obtained from the vine varieties sangiovese, ciliegiolo, canaiolo and malvasia nera in the traditional types Vitazzaie and Riserva Castellaccia.
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Apulian Stracciatella - Caseificio Voglia di Latte
Stracciatella is a typical Apulia cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must the as fresher as possible. It is white milk colored, without any crust fibers and holes. Its taste is fresh and slightly acid, its aroma is dedicate. Stracciatella is produced using cow's milk mozzarella. Stracciatella, if very fresh, has a so much pleasant taste that must be eaten alone and not accompanied with anything. Anyway there are a lot of recipes which include the stracciatellal, among which some first dish like orecchiette, the stuffed courgette flower, toasted bread and omelette. It matches perfectly with dry white wines. The production of the Caseificio Voglia di Latte follows artisanal methods, guided by the wise dairy traditions which guarantee the genuineness and freshness of the product.
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1710 Franciacorta "the first Franciacorta biodynamic wine"
A wine cellar in the province of Brescia , precisely in Cazzago San Martino, where fine wine are refined, but also a project in which the biologic and biodynamic cultivation techniques are the logic consequences of a philosophy that considers the earth a resource to respect and enrich. In one of the most ancient wine producing area (Conti Bettoni Cazzago), a four hectares vineyard surrounded by a XI century walls produces an unique Franciacorta wine, the 1701 Franciacorta Vintage DOCG, Millesimato, in numbered bottles, is processed with the classic method of refermentation in bottle. 1701 Franciacorta Vintage Besides the DOCG, 1701 Cuvèe Première is a label produced using Franciacorta grapes coming from biological vineyards, processed using the charmat method. " A simple and popular but high quality bottle of sparkling wine", the producers say.
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Adamo biologic extra virgin olive oil is born among the green Alcamo hills.
The cold extraction method makes Adamo extra virgin olive oil a biologic product endowed with excellent organoleptic properties. Colour, taste and optimal digestibility for avery recipe. Unique characteristics are determined by particular cautions used during the pick up and milling. The olives are hand picked when they're still not mature at all: an excellent product with a fruity taste and low acidity, milling with granite millstones, cold temperature extraction. The cold temperature extraction method makes the Adamo extra virgin olive oil a biologic product endowed with excellent organoleptic properties. Colour, taste and optimal digestibility. Funded in 1913, Adamo company produces its products following the biological agriculture rules.
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