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Agrirape - Leonforte yellow Peach and Canned Apricot
For their production is used only natural fruit immersed in the sirup only made by water, sugar and lemon juice. The product undergoes a mild pasteurization for few minutes, in order not to loose all its fragrance, aroma and the typical taste of our peaches and apricots. The Leonforte is tardive Peach, with an hard and yellow pulp and an unmistakable bouquet. We're talking about 100% natural and artisanal products where you can feel the taste and consistency of the just picked up fruit. Both these products are great not only pure but also to garnish a dessert.
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Pastificio Setaro: An heritage of art, culture and ancient rites safeguarded since 1939
Pastificio Setaro drying artisanal method maintains intact the organoleptic properties of pasta, guaranteeing the original taste. Rigatoni and Lumaconi for oven stuffings, Strozzapreti, Capricci, Fiorentini and Nodi Marini for prestigious sauces, Ruote and Permanenti for pasta salads, Fresine, Spaghetti and Calamarata for the fish based sauces, Taccole for the chickpea and Mix Pasta for the beans mix. The available shapes and innumerable. The choice is essentially bound to the sauces used and the seasonal vegetables.
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1701 the first biodynamic Franciacorta: the biologic and biodynamic choice as approach to wine-making and life philosophy
The re-discovery of the value of life and the passing of time, agriculture which the origin of everything, the spontaneity and the non forced growth: the Biologic and Biodynamic choice. The grape harvest is rigorously by hand, with a careful selection of the grapes. The Pressing: the soft gentle method allows to obtain only the nectar of the pulp. The Fermentation: the use of local yeasts is privileged, there multiplied through pied de cuve, which is a measure of nutrients, sugar and yeasts. Each vineyard is fermented in separated steel tanks. The wise assembling of the wines coming from the first fermentation, the result of separated wine-makings The Draught: it is made some months after the grape harvest. The wine is bottled and it is ready for the second fermentation, the one that gives birth to the bobbles. To activate the so called "foam taking", as a draught liqueur, privileging the use of our must preserved during the grape harvest. The Refining: the euphoria taken from the foam ends, during that the yeasts have transformed sugar and alcohol in carbon dioxide, now it's time to refine. The autolysis if yeasts which dissolve releasing perfumes and tastes. The bottles rest for 30 months at least.
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Choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables guarantees not only a better taste but safety and genuineness too.
Choosing seasonal fruit and vegetables guarantees not only a better taste but safety and genuineness too. - Apricot is a true panacea for the skin, moreover it is astringent when eaten raw. - Cherries are small round shape fruits, with a sweet taste and multiple colours. The fruit, containing only one wooden brown coloured hard seed, usually is red but it can change form one variety to another, from the bright yellow of the "graffione bianco" and a very dark red of the "durone nero di Vignola". - Strawberry is a fruit characterized by a great perfume and a sweet taste. It is great natural or with some lemon and sugar or to garnish desserts too. Moreover it is low-cal and carries a lot of benefits to the skin and metabolism. - Peach is one of the summer fruits par excellence thanks to its virtues, juiciness and its refreshing capacity.It is made up of 85% of water and citric acid. - Melon: its pulp is juicy, the colour is variable from the orange of the most common ones to the white-yellow or green of the summer varieties.
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Piemontese Fassona Bresaola by Macelleria Mastra Alebardi
Macelleria Mastra Alebardi produces its own Bresaola exclusively with Piedmontese Fassona beef selected and bred directly by them. The characteristics of the raw materials first are discovered in the taste and colour, the processing of meat is executed with the highest care respecting the traditional techniques, exalting the quality of a meat poor in fats but rich in iron. The slice has a red intense colour, the diameter is a bit longer than the classic bresaola because we're talking about quite big animals, which is the Piedmontese Fassona bred in Italy. The characteristic taste of meat is predominant with a light spiced aroma, creating a unique taste. With this cold cut you can prepare outstanding recipes, from starters to first dishes and main courses, without forgetting quick treats. The Bresaola carpaccio (raw meat sliced thinly) with arugula is a easy, light an quick to prepare main course.
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Pasta Bossolasco: From the seeds to the packaging within the agricultural company estate
All the wheat used to make our pasta is grown on our own land in Savigliano, near Cuneo. A land geared towards agricultre, which transmits its goodness to every product grown in its soil. The choice of raw material is the secret to achieve an excellent product. For this reason the Bossolasco family went down to the fields, literally, selecting three different varieties of high-quality durum wheat. Our methods of cultivation unite tradition and modernity while respecting the environment. We achieve the right semolina blend with high organoleptic properties from a diverse and complementary mix of three tasty types of wheat. levante grain LEVANTE The first type of durum wheat we selected is a mid-late season variety, which is cold hardy, disease resistent and strong, like the local people. Thanks to the high protein content, the gluten quality and a good yellow colour, we can obtain the perfect semolina for the production of a pasta which holds its shape when cooked... odisseo grain ODISSEO A variety of mid-season durum wheat with a high tiller density (development of new shoots). We chose it because, like a good labourer, its output is steady and plentiful and offers a good protein and gluten content. sy cysco grain SY CYSCO A early-mid season durum wheat, which grows particularly well in northern Italian territories. Its rich, golden spikes have excellent protein content and gluten quality characteristics, which makes this the perfect cereal to complete our quality selection.
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The Bisol, wine makers in Valdobbiadena for 5 centuries
The presence of the Bisol family in the heart of the historical prosecco production area, that is to say the territory named “Chartice”, is witnessed since the XVI century. Nowadays Bisol Agricultural Company vineyards are positioned on 20 estates among the hills which go from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, the most adapt area to the denomination. A territory divided in multiple small pieces, in fact the average extension of each property is little more than one hectare. These are productive realities in which the different phases of the production are often made by different small companies. The knowledge of these peculiarities of the territory allows to comprehend the importance of Bisol added value: one of the very few agricultural companies which manages directly the entire production processes, from the careful choice of the ground to the bottling. This allows always to guarantee the best quality thanks to the rigorous controls. An exclusive uniqueness is the estate on the top of the Cartizze hill: an area of particular value thanks to the continuous ventilation and the sandy nature of the ground. 140 owners divide the 106 hectares of the Cartizze hill, and the value of the ground has reached very high quotations: more than 2,5 million of Euros per hectare.
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Orto Mio:
The Agricultural Company Orto Mio has been cultivated vegetable garden pot plants for generations. The company has been the leader in the professional market of its field, specifically in the production of pot plants. The history of the agricultural company orto Mio began in furl in 1970. Since 40 years it has exclusively been producing vegetable garden pot plants, first only for the professional market and the, in 1990, it started to sell amateurs the plants too. Nowadays Orto Mio produces nearly 150.000.000 pot plants, presenting more than 350 vegetable varieties, all of them destined to the familiar or urban vegetable garden markets. The pot plants, delivered every day in the shops, are mainly distributed to peddlers, garden centers and agricultural shops in all the Central-North Italy. All the Orto Mio plants are cultivated in different areas of Emilia Romagna. The company has a 25Ha plot of land, all covered by last generation greenhouses and dislocated in 10 localities going from the sea to the first hill. It is a big competitive advantage being able to cultivate every plant according to its specific climatic needs. Every seeding, planting and cultivation are personally conduced by our expert and caring personnel, coordinated by a 5 people technical staff, we cultivate with the aim of producing healthy and resistant pot plant. This is to allow everyone to cultivate easily healthy and genuine vegetables as only their own proper vegetable garden can give them.
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Contadina: True Campania Buffalo Mozzarella PDO since 1950
In 1950 a small farm with a Buffalo herd was funded in the province of Caserta in an area with an ancient tradition raising buffalo and producing milk and mozzarella. This is the so called PDO zone between the cities of Capua and Mondragone, an uncontamined area witout any industrial plant. The milk used and processed comes exclusively from this area form carefully selected farmers who take always care of this territory because their special bond with the land: a fundamental value for the company. The farms are within a 15km radius in order not to stress the milk and maintaining it always hot during the processing. With the passing of the years the company became bigger and bigger thanks to the know-how and the passion that made this product a top quality one and in 1998 the Conatdina Cheese Agricultural Cooperative was opened. But as all the well done things the process of expansion was gradual and required a lot of years. So a new functional structure was biult only in 2001 adapting its prodution due to the continue innovation and new technologies which are means to reach the best quality as possible making very strict controls maintaining the quality level of the milk constantly high and the ensure consumer food safety. The production is entirely traceable along every part of the productive chain. Despite the technologic progresses the craft component, which requires year of experience and passion, is still the most fundamental one. In fact the mozzarella La Contadina is produced following the PDO Mozzarella di Bufala Campana disciplinery written by the Ministry of Agriculture. During the last years La Contadina, apart from the still obtained PDO, has obtained a lot of international certification thanks to its quality and controls as the BRC and IFS certifications which are very relevant at an international level, but also the Halal certifications as it concern the eastern countires and the Ethical Sedex Smeta 4 pillars. When you taste the product you immediately feel the tastes and aromas of the land of its origin, a true Campania mozzarella with still hot pure local buffalo milk! If your mozzarella is cold when you recieve it, as it needs to be at cool temperature keeping it fresh during the shipping, we recommend you to put it still in its package under hot water until it will be warm.
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