It is possible to order the single bottle. We recommend that you order bottles in multiples of 6.
The shipping cost changes every 6 bottles.

Ham producer "Il Camarin"- authentic San Daniele ham
The ham producer Camarin from San Daniele in Friuli still produces their genuine Italian Parma ham (prosciutto crudo) in an artisanal manner.
Articolo - 30/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Conte de Quirra - Best Sardinian wines since 1956
The company was founded in 1956 thanks to the passion of Paolo Mazzotti for the sale of high-quality grapes. In subsequent years, the work was refined by the involvement of his son Andrea and the introduction of new technologies. In 1986, another historical turn took place: with the beginning of the wine-making and bottling the company's philosophy changed, which sought since ever higher quality.
Articolo - 26/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Fiorentina di Fassona
The Florentine steak of Fassona cattle breed is delivered in large pieces of up to 2 kg. This Fiorentina must be prepared on the grill with wood or charcoal fire. Grilling time: 6 minutes per side and 6 minutes standing on the bone.
Ricetta - 24/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Artisan pasta "Campo"
Quality at all levels - from the sowing of the wheat to the drying of the pasta. The Pastificio Campo seeks the highest quality ingredients and guarantees at all stages of manufacture the highest quality standards. The Campo pasta is made exclusively from Sicilian durum wheat semolina and water. Everything starts with the durum wheat. For the pasta from Pastificio Campo only Sicilian wheat is used, which has a high protein content ( 15.5 to 18 %). It further contains much gluten, thanks to which the pasta remains al dente even after a long cooking time.
Articolo - 22/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP: cheese with protected designation of origin
The protected designation of origin includes names of places or landscapes or other details which indicate the origin of goods. EU standards define the quality so that the interests both of the consumers and producers are protected.
Articolo - 10/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Caponata from Palermo - SoloSole
The caponata is a jewel of Sicilian cuisine. If you try the caponata, you can taste all the flavors and fragrances of a thousand year old tradition that constitutes the heart of Sicily. All ingredients come together in a balanced recipe: The eggplant must be so firm that it does not absorb the oil. In addition there are capers, green olives and the distinctive sweet-sour interplay of sugar and vinegar, which rounds off the taste.
Articolo - 09/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pickled capers - Arconatura
The best capers come from Italy from the island of Pantelleria, where they even grow wild, but are also grown industrially. The volcanic rocks and fertile soil support the growth of capers, which mature in September and are then harvested.
Articolo - 06/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Fresh bluefin tuna ventresca - fresh from the coasts of Sicily
The Ventresca is the belly piece of the bluefin tuna. It is the highest quality piece of whole fish and is highly valued as a delicacy in Italy and abroad. Due to the higher fat content (healthy Omega3-6 fatty acids), this piece is particularly tender and tasty. The Ventresca ranges from belly up to the sides of the fish.
Articolo - 03/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Fresh bluefin tuna fillets - fresh from the coasts of Sicily
The bluefin tuna from the Mediterranean sea is by far the best tuna because it is fished in the open sea on the coasts of Sicily with fishing rods.
Articolo - 01/06/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )


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