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Müller Thurgau Alto Adige DOC
The Trentino Alto-Adige vine varieties benefits from ideal climatic an geological conditions: an Alpine temperate clime, with more than 300 sunny days during the year. The Alps at north protects the region from cold winds, while from south the warm currents from the Mediterranean Sea and the Garda Lake come to brush the vineyards. The high temperature excursions between the day and the night is an important factor to harvest perfectly mature grapes. Each vine variety deserve its own terroir: the volcanic one, the metamorphic rocks, the calcareous rocks and the dolomitics. This grounds variety allows both local and international vien varieties to find the best growth conditions. The Müller Thurgau is the result of a blend between Riesling and Sylvaner. The bunch is thin, the grapes are green-yellow and very aromatic. A delicate walnut accent is its main peculiarity.
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Ancient wheats: the Tumminia wheat
The Tumminia is a Sicilian local durum wheat variety among the most ancient in Italy. It is a raw flour, few processed, that contains many oligoelements of wheat, moreover it is endowed with an high protein value and a low gluten index. A product that fits perfectly for the bread making, indeed the well known Castelvetrano bread is made using this kind of flour. Tumminia is very good fo other oven product as pizza or biscuits too Biscuits with Tumminia flower. Ingredients: 500 gr Tumminia raw flour 150 gr butter 2 eggs 150 gr brown sugar 1 yeast bag for desserts 50 gr. Yogurt (optional) grated lemon zest Pour the flour in the pasta maker bowl, adding the yeast and the softened butter in pieces. Make the ingredients kneaded with the whisk, until the mixture will be grainy. Put the K hook, so unite the eggs, the brown sugar and the grated lemon zest (and the yogurt). Knead all the ingredients forming a smooth and hard block. Spread out the dough over the oven paper in a nearly 5mm high puff pastry, with a cutter obtain biscuits and put them over a baking tray covered with oven paper. Cook in the oven for 15 minutes at 180 degrees until golden. Preserve the biscuits in a barrel or a glass pot.
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For more than two centuries, Alebardi butcher shop has been carrying on "the art of knife" since 1802.
The Alebardi family praise the title of the most ancient butcher shop of the whole Lombardy, maintaining the specialization of the butchery. Butcher shop Alebardi selects its own Piedmontese Fassona cows (only females), breeding them through natural non-intensive methods, in the countries of Brescia. Growing them with family passed down recipes, allows to obtain succulent and genuine meats, with a very low quantity of fats. The butchering is made in the own butcher shop. Apart from the meats, the butcher shop propose a selection of the local traditional products, derived directly from Italian porks butchered by the Alebardi.
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Candonga Strawberry Top Quality - Basilicata Italy
The Candogna distinguish itself from the other strawberries varieties for its crunchiness and sweetness that make it unique. The heat of the southern Italy, the fertility of the lands, give this strawberry a decise and unmistakeable character. Consistent and aromatic, bright red coloured, intense perfume and conical shape. It has great nutritional and organoleptic qualities too, recognized and appreciated throughout Europe. It is one of the strawberries that keep the longest.
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Red Tuna: Fillet, Tarantello and Ventresca are available now
The red tuna is the best one. The most refined due to the quality of its meats fished in the open Mediterranean Sea. The red tuna meats can be divided in three categories: the fillet, the tarantello and the ventresca. The fillet is the thin part, the ventresca (belly) is the most precious part especially in the big examples. It has a fat content higher than the average that makes it particularly tender and tasty. The tarantello is located at mid way between the back and the belly: it is softer than the fillet without reaching the fatter consistency of th ventresca, whose doesn't loose the taste yet.
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