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Lugana CÓ dei Frati: It is a young and fresh wine that always surprises.
The Lugana DOC is a still white wine, deriving only from Trebbiano vine variety cultivated and picked up in the Lugana area, bordering with Lake of Garda. The juice of the grapes pressed with all of their skin is vinified white, that is to say filtered and made ferment in steel barrels: the yeasts naturally present in the grapes and the saccharomyces added transform the wine sugar giving it perfumes and tastes that the gapes didn't know. It is clear, precise, with delicate aromas of yeasts, white flowers, apricot and almond. It can be paired with cold or warm appetizers, as long as light and with a little seasoning, first dishes as soups (served hot), siders like vegetables cooked in the oven or stuffed and of course with lake fishes.
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Prosciutto di Parma: one of the most representative products of Made in Italy
Only two ingredients, then the seasoning masters skills and the dry and delicate air of the hills that surrounds Parma. The authenticity of this territory, an area extremely limited, this is exactly the one endowed with the ideal climatic conditions for the natural aging that will give that unmistakable sweetness and taste to the Prosciutto di Parma. The Prosciutto di Parma is a genuine and tasty product. Since always no preservatives or chemical additives are added, the result is a 100% natural product.
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Burrata, Stracciatella, Mozzarella: Artisanal Apulian products
Artisanal making, made by the wise hands of the cheese making masters that guarantee the genuineness of the product. The stracciatella is a soft spun curd paste fresh cheese. To obtain a good stracciatella, the cream must be very fresh. Its color is white as milk, lacks of crust, fibrous structure, without holes. The taste is fresh and lightly acid, delicate aroma. The stracciatella derives from cow's milk mozzarella. The Mozzarella Fior di Latte is obtained from the coagulation of fresh cow's milk brought to 35░, and the adding natural rennet to form the curd. The mozzarella is made every day by the cheese making masters following the Apulian traditional method using a stick and a tub, then all is immersed in draining tanks to obtain a paste ready for the spinning. The Fior di Latte shape is variable, round, nodino, braid. The Burrata is the queen of the Apulian cheese, it is the result of a patient and careful artisanal work. It is a little soft paste "sack", that contains a good amount of stracciatella.
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Gragnano, the city of the I.G.P Pasta
Obtained by a dough made up of durum wheat semolina and water from the aquifer of Gragnano, its color is straw yellow with a section of vitreous fracture and a typical rough aspect, homogeneous and lacking of cuts or bubbles. The great resistance to the cooking guarantees absence of stickiness and a general uniformity, giving it a sapid taste and a strong note of durum wheat also on the aromatic side. As it concerns the nutritional level, the Gragnano pasta is a balanced food. The Gragnano pasta is produced in 4 phases, all of them must be made in the Gragnano province respecting the I.G.P disciplinary.
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La Cinta di Guido
The breeding in the fields is free range, over some hectares of area. The animals, almost 200, are butchered by expert butchers when they're 3 years old, when they reach 150\180 kg of weight. To obtain excellent results it is necessary to think about the wellbeing of the animals, an Guido does it personally! Cold cuts that rigorously follows the rules of the most authentic Tuscan tradition. The company has joined the D.O.P Safeguard Consortium of the Tuscan Cinto pork, so it is endowed with a sure traceability of the final products.
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On the Lake of Garda shores, the agricultural company Pilandro dedicates to the care of the vineyards and the production of high quality wines.
In the heart of the Lugana, on the Lake of Garda shores, the agricultural company Pilandro dedicates to the care of the vineyards and the production of high quality wines. The Pilandro vine grapes are profoundly bounded to their terroir and they take from it their fresh sapidity that distinguish themselves. To maintain intact this connection, the grapes are treated with respect and processed with complete absence of oxygen. The fermentation of the must occurs at controlled temperature, expressing all the most intense characteristics and the well defined aromas of every wine. Sixteen hectares of vineyard surround the wine cellar, in which are transformed grapes exclusively from the Company grounds. Wines: Prodotti Vino Lugana Doc Rosato; Barbera Doc; Barbera Doc Centanni; Bardolino; Settantanni; Merlot Doc Lugana Brut Charmat; Brut metodo Classico Passito Grappa di Lugana bianca; Grappa classica; Grappa invecchiata; Liquore al miele
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