It is possible to order the single bottle. We recommend that you order bottles in multiples of 6.
The shipping cost changes every 6 bottles.

Now available: Oranges, tangerines and lemons of Az. Agricola Guaraggi - In production, only the integrated pest management is applied
The Ribera oranges of Az. Agricola Guarraggi are blonde oranges that are bulbous and have a navel (Navel oranges) at the bottom. The orange fruits are large, have a fine and firm flesh and are seedless.
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Tradizioni Padane Fresh Stuffed Pasta Hand-Made.
Tradizioni Padane s.r.l. produces fresa band-made pasta with exclusive and fine stuffings. The raw materials used come exclusively from the local territory, in order to guarantee the preparation of genuine products with great organoleptic properties bound to the italian ,especially with Lombardy, culinary traditions. These products are all hand made because the company has a totally domestic production chain: from the beginning of the process of selection to the packaging, the company guarantees fresh and minutely worked products. For this reason the shape of pasta is irregular and the number of Ravioli in the pack can vary: the stuffing, handly prepared, is personally positioned in each Raviolo. The accurate selection of the raw materials and the artisanal production of every component contribute to create a product of excellence.
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Now available Christmas packages and boxes!
Hundreds of quality products and a wide selection of wines to suit everyone's needs and customize your gift bag , which will be packed in special boxes and colorful Christmas decorations. The package can be sent directly to the recipient, with the option to add a greeting card.
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