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Terre di Balbia: The Calabria you don't expect
If we look in the map of Italian regions among the most developed ones, we will not find Calabria. However it is this unexpressed potential, not yet fully explored, to stimulate in 2001 Gianni Venica and Silvio Caputo, the first one a Friulano wine and the second one 100% Calabrese, both already having important experiences in the world of wine. The first results were not long in coming, with success witnessed both by the approval of consumers and of critics. Today Terre di Balbia is a reality which focuses on the valorization of the territory in particular by cultivating and developing for the most part typical grapes such as Magliocco and Gaglioppo with Merlot as an exception. At the moment the winery produces three wines: Fervore: 100% Magliocco which grows in red clay soil, in cellar it spends 9 months in barrique and 24 months in bottle Ligrezza: 100% Gaglioppo that grows in white clay soil in the lowest part of the estate (350 meters); as the name suggests, it is a cheerful wine, gaudy since the label and the color of the wine itself, a guarantee of freshness but however intense aromaticity Blandus: 100% Merlot is the most rounded wine but not for this reason easy or banal, produced following the same times and steps of Fervore, it is a comparison of the different yield of the two vines in the same terroir, the choice is yours.
Articolo - 19/07/2021 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Sicilian Red Garlic New Harvest 2021
The new Red Garlic directly from Fulgatore (province of Trapani, Sicily) has just arrived here. After a 2020 in which the garlic had suffered from sudden changes in temperature and strong weather events, the 2021 harvest is of absolute quality. Besides the characteristic delicate taste and the well-known beneficial properties, braided garlic is also excellent as an ornament both for restaurants and homes, giving that rustic touch to the environment.
Articolo - 08/07/2021 - ( Network O.I.P. )


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