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Confortable and Natural Sicilian Almond Paste Block
Confortable and Natural Sicilian Almond Paste Block, when watered down it turns into real Sicilian almond milk. The almond, a typical Mediterranean fruit, is very spread all over the South Italy, particularly in Sicily, where you can find the finest and best tasty varieties (as the ones of Noto and Avola). It is a true energetic concentrate for the almond lovers: rich in calcium, remineralizing, emollient and digestive too, it gives the right balance between minerals, vitamins and proteins. Preparation for 1 and 1\4 Liters of Almond Milk: -250g Almond block -1 L Mineral Water To prepare one liter of almond milk a 250g block is enough, break it into some pieces and put it it in a blender with the mineral water, so start to blend all, once it will be well melted filter it with a small colander and add the remaining water. Putting all in a pitcher or in a glass bottle with hermetic closure. It has to be conserved in fridge and it must be served very cold. It last for 3\4 days, before serve it shake it a few! Great for the preparations of dessert or slushes too.
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Ennese Chickling "Agrirape"
The chickling is an ancient legume bean which was very spread all over Sicily until the last years but nowadays it is difficult to find. It contains extraordinary properties and it is very appreciated for its irresistible consistency and its taste. Moreover it has great nourishing characteristics, particularly rich in calcium, phosphorus and oligoelements. It contains the taste of the Sicilian tradition, it should be tried with soups. It is small size, and it has the typical irregular shape and it is straw yellow coloured, the chuckling is a legume which has ancient origins, but with the passing of time it has been less and less considered, due to its low productivity and the need that all the working phases have to be hand made, 5 years ago we started again this cultivation and we are doing our best to spread again a legume bean which is full of history and it's strictly bound to our Land.
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Conte de Quirra : Dama Nera Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
The Vermentino, our last born grapes, which provides elegance to the Contessa Violante, passing through particular working processes and maturation in old oak made barrels gives life to the excellent "Dama Nera Superiore" characterized by the limited number of bottles that are put horizontally for 4 months before they are commercialized in the vault of the villa. Vementino di Sardegna DOC goes with sea starters, fish, shellfishes, white meats and not aged cheeses; it is the most famous White wine of the whole Sardinia. It is yellow-coloured with some green reflections, its aromas are very intense and complex, dominated by marks of exotic fruits, ananas and finally a pleasant taste of licorice. The taste perfectly confirms the complexity and elegance of the aromas, the sensations of exotic fruits accompany perfectly the marked freshness and acidity well balanced by a strong structure.
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The black lentils of the Enna hills: the recover of a jewel that risked the extinction
This lentil is an ancient variety typical of the province of Enna (Sicily), it is cultivated in Enna, Leonforte, Calascibetta and Nicosia. It was very appreciated until the 50s, after the end of the second world war its production decreased, due to the local agricultural policy which promoted products whose production was easier to mechanize. During this hole period the black lentil seriously risked to disappear and it has been produced in quantities of 100 to 400 kg each year. In 2002 we were intentioned to start its cultivation and we only found 800g of seeds to plant! Today our company is trying to recover this lentil and make it known also out of the regional boundaries, even if it will be very hard. In fact the its cultivation is extremely laborious and all the agricultural techniques are hand made due to the plant physiology: the plant has a very short stem, almost at contact with the ground.
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The Villalba Red Lentill "Agrirape", produced in the heart of Sicily
It is low spread because all the processes of making, from the cultivation to the harvest, are hand made, in order to give us a product with extraordinary organoleptic properties. As for the Fava Larga, once the pods will be grown on the plant, the are let browning, than the whole plant is eradicated, and it is dried out, only after that the harvest can begin. It has small dimensions, lacking of cholesterol and poor in fats, rich in proteins it results particularly easily digestible and it is known for the marked aromaticity. The Red Lentil of Villalba Agrirape is a very aromatic and perfumed quality. It is produced in the heart of Sicily, it is a very important food thanks to its nutritional quality It fits perfectly the preparation of soups or as a side dish too, it is an food fool of fibers. It is easy to cook and it doesn't need to be dunked in water before cooking.
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La Cinta di Guido:"The extraordinary value of Guido's products is due to the closed production chain, where all is home made."
The idea of founding an agricultural company came form Guido's father who had started producing olive oil putting up an integrated system. This activity has been continuing thanks to Guido's passion an efforts to obtain an high quality olive oil absolutely natural, and perfectly mirrors the local territory. But the activity that take Guido's most energies and time is the breeding and the transformation of its beloved Cinta. The breeding of the pigs is, as tradition, free-range all over the properties that extend for some hectares. The animals, almost 300, are butchered by experts when they are 3 years old and they reach 150\180 kg. To obtain the best results it is fundamental thinking to the animals's well-being and Guido takes care of them personally! The extraordinary value of Guido's products is due to the closed production chain, where all is home made. The company joins the safeguard consortium of the tuscan Cinto pig.
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La Valle Rose Franciacorta Brut on 'The Washington Post'
Leonardo LoCascio Selections
The Washington Post – December 5, 2015
In “3 Reds and a Rosé to Cozy Up To,” Dave McIntyre recommends:

LA VALLE Rose Franciacorta Brut ★ ★ ★ (Exceptional)

“Franciacorta is Italy’s answer to champagne, and the prices are beginning to match. This new entrant to the Washington market is ripe with strawberry and melon flavors and full of bubbly energy.”

This piece was featured in The Drinks Business, in Neal Baker’s article, “Top 10 Wines in the U.S. Press.”

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Pastificio CAPONI: artisanal producer of fresh or dry egg pasta
The meticulous research of the best quality raw materials has always been the base of our policy, together with the constancy on maintaining a production cycle as much similar as possible to the traditional one which was used by the italian housewives. The first passage consist in mixing fresh eggs and durum wheat flour , at ambient temperature, in a specific machine called pasta maker. The pasta during its lavoration cycle doesn't suffer any thermal variation, this let us not to alter the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials.
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Cotechino al Cucchiaio - Macelleria Mastra Alebardi
The Cotechino al Cucchiaio of the master butcher shop Alebardi is a traditional but innovative product. It is basically a classic Cotechino, but it is extremely soft thanks to the particular lavoration of the pork rind, thanks to this fact the product acquires a very pronounced cremosity that makes it particularly pleasant. It is adviced to serve the product using a spoon and side it with lentils, purée, or a classic cornmeal mush.
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Frantoio( olive oil mill) Cutrera: since 1906
The strength of the Frantoi Cutrera company is the difference between the 3 ways of extraction that permits to adapt the technique of extraction based on the variety and the level of maturation of the olives, always succeeding in obtaining fruity, intense and balanced oils. The olives are wroughted in company olive-presses within 6 hours after the harvest. All the operations remade with scrupulous attention and through cold extraction. The harvest is rigorously hand-made in order not to damage the olive, which is a very delicate fruit, before the squeezing out.
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The Cavalier Lorenzo Accomasso: ancient Baroli but with a young soul
Cavalier Lorenzo Accomasso is the soul of the wine. It produces ancient Barolo, but with a young and flooding sound a long and intense breath that slowly emerges. Barolo Rocche and Barolo Rocchette stand for a long time and they are bottled only after they have received Lorenzo's placet, a year later than the other producers on average It is a wine that comes from 40 days long (or even more) macerations ,as his father Giovanni thought him, the wine matures more slowly in order to face better the passing of time. Lorenzo Accomasso's agricultural company is not that big, only a little more than 3 hectares of low range vineyard all around the house and the wine cellar and it is family-run. The Barolo in which the Accomasso family has always trusted in comes from Rocchette, a small land in the middle of the Rocche dell'Annunziata. Lorenzo was one of the first, if not the first in absolute, in that zone to selected-variety winemake.
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