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La Marca, Land of Prosecco
A fascinating territory as the Marca Trevigiana one, in which nowadays 2 important denominations are identified. the DOC Prosecco and the DOCG Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore which goes from the hill zone to the basement of the Treviso Pre-Alps, 50 km far from Venezia. A great variety of suggestive landscapes with some distinctive characteristics: the DOCG area is a privileged environment for the grape cultivation, it extends from the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills on difficult to cultivate but evocative lands. A View of vineyard on the steep slopes alternate with sweet slopes, view on ancient hamlets, a pleasant clime with hot but not sultry summers. The great temperature range between day and night of this territory is the ideal condition for the production of fresh, perfumed and elegant sparkling wines. In the plain, in the gravelly ground, international varieties are mainly produced, with white fruit as chardonnay, gray pinot, white pinot and sauvignon, giving birth to lean, perfumed and adapt to become sparkling wines. 2017 - Rewards Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG - Extra Dry Golden Medal
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La Torrente " the brans is known as guaranteed quality and genuineness".
Since the beginning attentive to the scrupulous control of the whole production chain: from the tomatoes coming from only Italian cultivations that follow the method against the GMO, to the processing and packaging of the fresh product during the production season. La Torrente brings on the table of the whole world the perfume of the Italian tomatoes in all their shapes: sauce, pulp, peeled, cherry tomatoes until the S Marzano Tomato PDO of the Agro Sarnese Nocerino special reserve dedicated to Don Peppe Torrente. From the choice of an 100% Italian tomato, to the care of the alimentary safety (every day the grounds are analyzed). Everything is controlled during each production phase, to guarantee the consumers the best possible quality.
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Gli Aironi "Rice is the center of all"
Gli Aironi Riso&Co, produces and keeps own produced rices of Arborio, Baldo, Carnaroli, Rosso Selvatico, Venere Nero, Vialone Nano qualities which are cultivated in the province of Vercelli. The processing of the grains is soft, that is to say the artisanal processing left the grain rougher and plenty of nutrients than the average, rigorously selected depending on the colour, pureness and dimension of the grains. The choice of the company is investing on the quality, testing and adopting cultivation with a low environmental impact and re-discovering the most traditional, finest and local varieties.
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Andrea Pirlo "It is called Pratum Coller and it is its wine-making company"
It's name is Pratum Coller and it is in Capriano del Colle, in the province of Brescia. The wine produced is completely organic and eco-friendly, both red and white wines. The eco-sustainable production allows wine to keep intact its organoleptic properties, reducing at the same time the pollution and safeguarding the relationship between nature, space and natural maturation time. For this company it is fundamental to establish a dialogue between the territory and its people, passing on the tastes from generation to generation and creating meetings around the tasting of good wines, rich in history and passion. Andrea Pirlo has chosen this way because of the love and passion towards wine and land. "In every bottle of a certain level there's hard work and the certainty of reaching specific results, without hurry but respecting the vineyards totally.
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Barista Italiano analyze, selects and tests the fine coffee and tea.
The Coffee roasting plant is in Gorizia, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, here the tradition of the Italian coffee has always been strong. The blends takes their names from some of the most famous Italian squares: Roma - Piazza Navona, Ristretto Italiano: an Arabica coffee and just a touch of Robusta (strong) quality coffee, to obtain an espresso coffee whose delicacy persist in the palate. Roma - Piazza di Spagna, Cremoso Top Espresso: a spiced coffee with a spiced intense aroma, with toasted bread shades and a persistent taste of cacao, an elegant and fine taste. Venezia - Piazza San Marco, Delicate Arabica coffee: refine, bland taste and aromas, with a very fragrant final. Milano - Piazza Duomo, Decaffeinated coffee: for those who love the pleasure of coffee, without caffeine, a sweet, intense balanced taste. Coffee pods compatible with Nespresso and NescafŤ Dolce Gusto.
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OIP smells of Christmas - The Panettoni
A true excellence of the Italian tradition produced by a very expert company in the pastry-making field. The inner dogh is so soft and elastic,intensely yellow coloured. For this panettone Corsini uses only sourdough and selected, high quality ingredients. The dough is left to rise for at least two full days between the kneading operations. This allows the dough to rest and rise naturally.
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The limoncello is an Italian lemon zest base liqueur well known all around the world
The limoncello is born from a sober and genuine recipe, enriched by water, alcool and some spoons of sugar. The history of Limoncello acquire its shape through a series of legends. The Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri people compete for its paternity. Within a few kilometers 3 populations praise themselves of a Limoncello production passed on several generations. In Capri, someone sustain that its origins are bond to the family of the entrepreneur Massimo Canale who, in 1988, was the first to register the "Limoncello" trademark. Limoncino or Limoncello, an outstanding liqueur to taste after the meals, also good when added to fruit salads, ice creams ordesserts preparation. An easy home-made recipe. Its intense yellow colour and its unique unique aroma make the limoncello uno of the most beloved liqueurs.
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The famous Italian chef Vissani says "Strachitunt is the best cheese of the world"
Some years ago the famous chef Vissani sentenced the Strachitunt the best cheese of the world. The Strachitunt was born in Valteggio, a soft paste blue cheese made up of two different curds. This cheese is produced using an unique technique, that is to say the sediment in layers of the two curds. The cold curd obtained from the evening milking is left resting hung in dripping cloths. The next morning curd, the so called hot curd, is cut and made resting for only 20 minutes instead. The two curds, hot and cold, then are broken immediately before the mixture and then they're sedimented in layers. The wheels then are salted. Pairing with rice, ravioli, fine meats but also in pureness with some good bread, jam and a glass of red wine.
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Turnips tops: tasty and hot, an unique touch for your recipes
It is a typical vegetable of some Italy specific areas, particularly Apulia, but it is cultivated in Campania and Lazio too. The turnip tops are vegetables endowed with a very peculiar taste, lightly hot with a bitter shade. Both the leaves and the flower hidden in te vegetable can be eaten. This food is healthy too, rich in minerals, calcium above all, phosphor, iron but it also contains vitamins specifically A,B2 and C vitamins which have detoxifying properties and it is hypo caloric too. The turnip tops are the main character in many recipes, for example in the well known Orecchiette with turnip tops (a tasty Apulia first course).
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BioColombini: The Biologic Tomato Sauces
The Biologic tomato BioColombini is picked fresh. Tomato pulp and sauces are prepared with processing methods passed on through the time, following the ancient Tuscan agricultural and culinary tradition. These products are processed as less as possible to leave unaltered all the characteristics of the fresh just picked tomato. The Biologic Tomato Sauce is more suggested for food that require long cooking, prepared with hand picked tomatoes, it has the intense perfume and the delicate taste of the agricultural and culinary Tuscan tradition. The Biologic tomato Pulp has and intense perfume and the delicate taste, prepared with processing methods passed on through the time, following the ancient Tuscan agricultural and culinary tradition. The Biologic sauce with basil BioColombini distinguish itself from the others for its intense aroma, able to exalt every recipe. The Biologic sauce with red hot chilli pepper is an appetizing alternative to give an extra touch of taste to your recipes.
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