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The Enology of Lake Garda by Cantine Scolari since 1929.
As the writing on the repack says it is Cantine Scolari 90th anniversary, years of history that started from the Mid West Shore of Garda Lake, precisely from the Valtenesi, a land that has always been voted to the wine making since the Etruscans times. A family, the Scolari one, that a has been living on this territory since before 1200 as the manuscripts testify, developing a knowledge and bond with this land that makes the Scolari wines the right expression of the local natural and cultural heritage. An aspect that we’ve caught in the Lugana Scolari, where intense aromas of flowers, tropical fruits and honey, with tastes that show to be pleasant without being excessively sweet or emphasized also due to the final sapidity and almond note, meanwhile showing a great structure.
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Deliveries from OIP continue, for a useful service and high quality products
The home delivery of our groceries products (both food and wines) continues in all countries, in order to offer, especially in this delicate moment, a service to people naturally maintaining the quality of the products. Anyway in case of particular restrictions or delays, we will keep you promptly updated on our website.
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Calabria Sapori - Calabria history, raw materials and taste.
From Calabria with taste, tradition and genuineness of the ingredients, Calabria Sapori joins the OIP offer. The company brings everything on which, on the gastronomic side, Calabria is among the top regions: typical Calabrian cold cuts as the spianata calabra and the ‘nduja di Spilinga and preserves, all of them 100% Made in Italy and realized with local products. The vegetables preserved in oil are a true brand of the Calabrian culinary tradition, born thanks to territory and microclimatic peculiarities, where the high sun exposure all year long combined with the meeting of the temperate winds from the Mediterranean Sea with the Calabrian Appennini Mounts Sila and Aspromonte, has given the birth to an incredible variety of seasonal vegetables and olives. The combination of those factors has made possible the development of two arts in food preservation, that is to say sun drying and in oil preservation, with the second that conciliates the regional production of extra virgin olive oil and the abundance of season vegetables. Used since the ancient Romans times, this technique is therefore still nowadays fundamental to prolong the life of the different crops, in order not only to preserve their flavor and the pleasure to eat them in the different periods of the year, but also their nutritional properties. Products supported by solid knowledges and a thounsands year old tradition, certified high quality raw materials are the best way to feel the Calabrian taste.
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