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Can't visit Garda Lake? Bring it home, with the Lugana DOC.
Due to the health emergency it is very likely that this summer it won’t be possible to enjoy the holidays and trips on the Lake Garda, so as its marvelous landscapes, cultural and enogastronomy treasures. It is just thanks to the last ones that we can help you: an enology wander to remember and feel the authentic tastes of Lake Garda, in this case particularly through the Lugana DOC, one of the most representative wines of the lake enology. Our selection is very heterogeneous, in order to convey a completely representative proposal of the reality. Cantine Scolari: Lugana DOC - Cantine Scolari Lugana DOC Premium - Cantine Scolari Zenato: S. Cristina Lugana DOC Vigneto Massoni - Zenato Sergio Riserva Lugana DOC - Zenato San Benedetto Lugana DOC -Zenato Ca’ dei Frati: I Frati Lugana DOC - Cà dei Frati Brolettino Lugana DOC Montonale: Montunal Lugana DOC - Montonale Lugana DOC Cru Orestilla - Montonale Ca’ Maiol: Ca’ Maiol Prestige Lugana DOC Fabio Contato Lugana DOC - Ca’ Maiol Casello Bondoni: Lugana DOC Zonafranca - Casello Bondoni Cantine Avanzi: Lugana DOC - Avanzi Ottella: Molceo Lugana Riserva - Ottella Lugana Le Creete - Ottella Back to Silence Lugana DOC - Ottella
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Chardonnay Lafoa: when Colterenzio made Klimt meet Trentino Chardonnay
There’s a word that can precisely define the Chardonnay Lafoa Colterenzio: elegance. Both on the aesthetic side, with an amazingly designed Art Nouveau style bottle, and the organoleptic. It starts from a straw yellow color, with delicate but well defines floral aromas, sided by almond and wooden notes given by the barrel refinement in a perfect harmony. A refinement that gives the wine the right amount of body, structure, persistence of the flavors and longevity.
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