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Oleificio Costa: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Base Condiments from the Etna Mount.
Our products don't contain any aromas but they are only made up of olives and products rigorously cultivated in the fields that surrounds the Etna Volcano. Our il gives its best when used cold to season green salads, fish and roasted meats. Condiment with taste of lemon, mandarin orange, orange, garlic and chili pepper, chili pepper, oregano all with a base of extra virgin olive oil. Olive varieties: Blend made up of nocellara Etnea, biancolilla, moresca, nostrale, carolea and catanese, produce on the slopes of the Etna Volcano, in the Alcantara valley and Simeto Valley. The Ground is volcanic and with medium dough, olive oil trees height: 400-900 meters above the sea level. The harvest is hand made or made up with helping machineries when the olives are very matured in order to obtain a more delicate extravirgin olive oil, the squeezing out is made by 24 hours after the olives harvest.
Articolo - 29/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo: Our wines are made to be appreciated by senses, mind, and Nature.
The nature of a wine and its success are decided by many elements that we can visualize as the tiles of a mosaic. Every molecule of the wine is a tile of the mosaic, just like, every decision made by the man that chooses in which way to direct the grapevine. After all this, a precise vinification process and the choice of the location for the vineyards and the bottling must be undertaken with the same care. The corporate philosophy of Pratum Coller can be summarized in a sentence “driving without forcing”. The vineyard has to be accompanied in its growth and ripening of the grapes, to help it give us what we want: whole, truthful and savory grapes. This fundamental idea is also true for the pruning. “It is not about pruning to only satisfy the plant,– underlines Marco Tonni, agronomist that cooperates with Pratum Coller – but pruning to help the plant produce according to our needs. The shape of every plant has to be preserved as we planned it, and the same has to be for the position of the leaves to ensure the ripening and the right placement of the bunches and the longevity of the vineyard”.
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Principato di Lucido- The first Italian Rice
The products of the "Principato Lucedio" are well known in the world for their very high quality, they are the result of long years of experience, and a so deep love for the tradition that can be still found only in Italy. The Agricultural Company "Principato di Lucedio" has a 9 centuries long history and it covers a 500 hectares surface in a regional Natural Park. The whole process of production has the lowest environmental impact and the packaging, without any preservative and in modified atmosphere, guarantee the nutritional qualities and freshness of the products.
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Delfino Battista: How our specialities born: the production.
How our specialities born: the making processes, the passion and the love for our familiar conduction company is one of the peculiarity of our company. All the Delfino Battista's products are rigorously without any preservative or chemical additive to preserve the finest quality and the natural taste. During all these years nothing has changed, our company succeed in bringing to your table guaranteed and genuine products every day. Simple and natural ingredients and a production that respects the best Cetara tradition make our products very recommended for a genuine and balanced alimentation. It is necessary to remember that the production methods are completely artisanal, so the processes like the packaging is all hand made.
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Macelleria Mastra Alebardi Butcher Shop
The Butcher Shop Mastra Alebardi offers a selection of the best and most representative products of the Regional food tradition of the Franciacorta lands, producing only with pigs exclusively breed in Italy and butchered by Alebardi Butchery. The pigs destined to the production of cold cuts are singularly worked in order not to alterate the nourishment of the meets. Local Drunk Bacon(Pancetta): It is an ancient recipe by Grandfather Zaccaria, we use only the thin part of the Pancetta (Bacon). The making is without bacon rind. It is put under infusion for 40 days with white wine, salt, pepper, cloves, juniper berries and Nubia garlic than it is wringed out and put into bowel and ages for 120 days. Montisola type Salami: The Montisola type Salami is produced only with pigs exclusively breed in Italy and butchered by Alebardi Butchery. The pigs destined to the production of cold cuts are singularly worked in order not to alterate the nourishment of the meets. The meet, hand cut with knife is stuffed in the natural bowel. Local Salami: Produced only with pigs exclusively breed in Italy and butchered by Alebardi Butchery. The pigs destined to the production of cold cuts are singularly worked in order not to alterate the nourishment of the meets. Still nowadays, following the original recipe by Grandfather Giuseppe Alebardi, during the production of the Salami, the meet is mirror cleaned to remove every nervous fiber, than it is seasoned with red wine and kneaded with Nubia Red Garlic, salt,pepper and our species. This making let us obtain a compact, thin and easily digestible Salami with a balanced and fine taste. Aging time: 50 days Local Coppa (air cured pork meat) Produced only with pigs exclusively breed in Italy and butchered by Alebardi Butchery. The pigs destined to the production of cold cuts are singularly worked in order not to alterate the nourishment of the meets.
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Bitto Dop 4 years aged, the characteristic mountain gaze intense aromas.
The area of origin of the milk destined to the transformation into Bitto cheese includes the whole territory of the province of Sondrio and the borderline territories of those districts in the province of Bergamo in Val Brembana: Averara, Mezzoldo, Piazzatorre, Santa Brigida and Valleve. With the aging the paste becomes more compact, friable and dark to the palate, it is golden yellow coloured; the crust thickens and acquires a darker colour, while the eyes are full of an intense flavour. The taste, sweet and delicate in the young cheese, becomes more intense with the proceeding of the maturation. The eventual addition of goat milk emphasize the characteristic aroma. With a 3\4 years aging the result is a great product, but the aging can prolong to 7\8 years. The bitto, besides being an excellent table cheese, is very fit for the preparation of typical Valtellina recipes like the Pizzoccheri, Sciatt and cornmeal mush with cheeses; it can also be appreciated at the end of the meal, accompanied by a glass of good red wine. Prolonging the aging it becomes a great seasoning cheese which, when grated, can replace Grana Padano cheese. Bitto can be conserved in fridge at 0-6 degrees wrap up in a rag or in a food paper sheet.
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Modica Chocolate Donna Elvira: Originality Modicana.
The Modican chocolate is different from any other variety of chocolate produced elsewhere. In fact, it takes its origins from an ancient recipe of Aztec origins, based on both the cold working and the absence of fat. It combines the ancestral flavor with an unexpected sensory journey. Rather than on flavorings, Donna Elvira focuses on the choice of the best cocoa premier cru, selected from several plantations around the world - from Vietnam to Ecuador, through the Mexican Soconusco. This can ensure not only the variety but also the originality of the Modican chocolate bar.
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Tenute del Garda at Golisitalia & Aliment 2016
Tenute del Garda at Golisitalia & Aliment 2016 Centro Fiera del Garda from 27th February to 1st March 2016 - We will be at Golositalia & Aliment you can visit us at pavilion 8 stand 61
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Bicolombini: Biologic Tomato Sauces
The conserves Biocolmbini are realized following few but fundamental rules: quality, simplicity and love. Ingredients quality, simplicity in the preparation and love for the tradition. These are our guide values since 4 generations that make the taste of our conserves unique, perfect for every type of preparation.
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1st Franciacorta Tasting Online
Thursday - 11 February, 2016 around 20:00 - Tasting of Wines Cellars Franciacorta Valley with Stefano Camilucci in collaboration with OIP - Only Italian Products.
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Tenuta il Canovino:... the Good Land... the Time... the Aging
Our lands are exposed to the South, pleasant slopes at 170/230 m. above sea level. The vineyard updated over the years, has a form of espalier with density of plants equal to 7.250/ha. The estate develops in the known Valpolicella, which soil are made by the crumbling of limestone-dolomite formations, basalts, moraines and river deposits of volcanic origin and for this present aspects of variability, resulting in a different water supply the screw at various stages of development and growth of the leaf and then during the ripening of the grapes. Each wine has its time…the ability to understand, the patience to respect, the constant care and the meticulous attention to detail make a wine a great wine. One example: our Amarone. Aging is an essential step and at the same time the most delicate in the production of wine, to the point that is sometimes called “a second harvest”. It will access only the best grapes, healthy and perfectly ripe, not only on the skin but also internally; careful selection allows us to select only those bunches “sparse”, those with the grapes not too close together, so as to leave the air circulate. The grapes are distributed strictly in a single layer, on large wooden boxes, the plateaux (crates). Small nuggets dark rest this way for about 120 days. Hour after hour, day after day, wither withering and lose weight in varying proportion depending on the type of grape from 35 to 45%.And finally aging. After alcoholic fermentation; after that, in stainless steel vats, the flavors, the fragrances and color have found the right harmony. Only then the wine is ready to rest in the silence of the cellar. There, the aging: 70% for 2 years in Slavonia’s oak barrels; 30% in barriques from Allier oak for 24 months; latest 12 months in bottles. The magic is done.
Articolo - 10/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Risotto with 24 months aged Cheese of Alpine Hut by cheeses seasoner Emilio Brullo and Cotechino from "Macelleria Mastra Alebardy" Butchery.
Ingredients: -400 gr. Acquerello- Carnaroli Rice -1 Shallot -2 Spoons of Granular Broth "Classico BIO" -1 Glass of White Wine Catarratto Biologico Terre Siciliane IGP Adamo -100 gr Alpine Hut Cheese "Emilio Brullo Seasoner" aged until 24 months -Butter Agricultural Company Frascio. Immerse the whole Cotechino in a pot with cold water and, when the water will be boling and let it cook slowly for 3 hours. In a pan warn the butter and make the shallot browning. Than add the rice and make it toast for a while, simmer with white wine until reduce and so add the broth slowly until the rice will be cooked. Once the rice will have reached the level of cooking you desire, regulate with salt if it's necessary, turn off the flame anche cook until creamy with the alpine hut aged cheese and a knob of butter. Cut the Cotechino in small cubes and ad it to the Risotto.
Ricetta - 09/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Emilio Brullo Stagionatore (Maturer): research and aging the key for an unquestionable success
Emilio Bruno, cheeses refiner, come from a family that is involved in this field since 1915 and he is a great connoisseur of the Alpine hut all around Adamello and Valtellina. He has recently started a collaboration with OIP - soloprodottiitaliani as a supplier of local cheeses. The 5 generations gained experience allows him to recognize the quality of a product only from its aroma and consistency. The element that really characterizes Emilio and its relatives is their strong passion for the cheeses production, this is the secret for an unquestionable success.
Articolo - 08/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Prosciuttificio Gherardi Onesto: the excellence from the capital of the Raw Ham
The Ghirardi Onesto's Raw Ham has a captivating,sweet and dedicated taste that reflects its quality that derives from the selection of natural ingredients and the best pork meats, and its lack of preservatives and artificial agents thanks to the artisanal production. The productive methods barehanded down from one generation to another, respecting the traditions and the careful research of the quality. Gherardi Onesto Raw Ham is produced only with pig that are breed in the Po valley. Each Raw Ham is hand-salted and kept in a controlled environment to guarantee the perfection of every detail. It slowly dries off to reach the right level of aging, with the help of the minimum quantity of salt to give the product the right sapidity and balance.
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