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To make a perfect pizza firstly it is necessary to choose the best quality ingredients... they will make the difference.
The perfect dough contains starter yeast a 3 grams of brewer's yeast. Russell Biancolilla and Tumminia flour varieties of the Agricultural Company Adamo, salt, water. For the condiment the San Marzano DOP tomatoes of the Agrigenus company will be perfect like the mozzarella varieties we have selected, we have used both Campanian buffalo mozzarella form Battipaglia of the Aversana type produced by the Esposito artisanal cheeses company, Smoked Provola Cheese (from Esposito too) and the Fiordilatte Mozzarella (Apulian cheeses producer Voglia di Latte). Complete list of the ingredients used for the pizzas: -Pizza with Black Calabrian Pig Raw Ham, Stracciatella and Spring Onion. -Pizza with Broad Beans, Ham and Smoked Provola Cheese of the Artisanal Cheeses Producer Esposito -Pizza with Apulian Stracciatella and Fiordilatte Mozzarella of the Artisanal Cheeses Producer Voglia di Latte, Tuna Fish Eggs of the Bottarga di Tonno Group and fresh Puntarelle.
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Agricultural Company Adamo "The biologic wine in the everyday life in the bag-in-box".
The Agricultural Company Adamo sells 2 of its wines in this type of format. The first is the biologic Catarratto, it is pale yellow colored, it has a various aromatic endowment, floral aromas and citrus shades, it is a full bodied wine, it has a great acidity and a balanced softness, it perfectly sides with fish recipes and white meats. The second one is the biologic Nero d'Avola, at the sight it is pleasantly red ruby colored, its taste has shades of berries, cherries, plums, at its best its also contains spiced and balsamic notes, it sides well with red meats, roast meats and aged cheeses. These 2 wines are sold in bottles too, they aren't second choice, they are great wines for every day. The Agricultural Company Adamo, fully dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olive trees rigorously following biologic methods, extends for a wide hill area for almost 75 hectares, inside the Alcamo DOC production area. The products are the result of a careful work of selection, starting form the choice of the grapes controlling its cultivation methods.
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AcQUERELLO, THE RICE, better, richer, wealthier
Acquerello is born in the European capital of rice, among several natural wonders. The Rondolino family's landed property is set in the district of Livorno Ferraris and it is recognized as Tenuta Colombara. This place is well known since 1500 for the abundance of water and the fertility of lans suitable to the cultivation of rice. Thanks to the Rondolino family Acquerello is the only rice in the whole world that is still nowadays wrought with a special machine called helix. The helix is one of the 20 different passages that every grain has to overcame to become Acquerello rice. The helix was invented in 1865, it is still considered the best machinery because of the benefits that it gives in the gastronomic field. Contrary to all the other working processes, in which the rice is energetically whitened in few seconds, constricted in a narrow place, Acquerello is whitened through a slow and delicate rubbing between the grains in a wide vase. Only this wrought leaves every grain intact, without any scratch, and so perfect before and after the cook.
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Livigno Cheese: Traditional cheese produced in the Livigno dairy.
Traditional cheese produced in the Livigno dairy, where the nourishment of the cows at gazing gives milk the characteristic taste of high mountain that exalt its aroma and flavour. The Living Cheese has a centuries-old tradition of pastoralism, so to result particularly pleasant to the palate thanks to its aromas: the soft and elastic paste, the lightly buttery taste, the colour that goes from the white the straw yellow depending on the season of production. It is used in kitchen for the preparation of the most typical dishes of the Alpine tradition. Pleasant and tasty at the and of the meal. Depending on the time it is left to season it can be found Fresh (from 2 to 8 months), Seasoned (from 8 to 12 months) or Extra-Old (over 1 year).
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La Valle Franciacorta
La Valle®, owned by the Pezzola family, is in Rodengo Saiano in the heart of the beautiful hills of Franciacorta. It is located in a region particularly well suited for viticulture, near a famous Olivetan monastery of the 11th century, a few kilometers from Lake Iseo and Brescia in Lombardy. It takes its name from the winery’s main property, La Valle® (bought by the family’s ancestors in long-ago 1890, as a notary deed of the time demonstrates) which has always been a vineyard.
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Molise- Occhionero
Occhionero is in Molise, Portocannone locality. The varieties used for the production of the extra virgin olive oil are the "Gentile di Larino", the Leccino and the Peranzana. The olives are hand-picked up and they are wrought within 24 hour after the pick up. They are wrought through milestones, the extraction is cold made without adding any heat or solvent. Occhionero produces an high quality extra virgin olive oil endowed with a unique and fine taste.
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Setaro Pasta Makers - Melaverde - Torre Annunziata
Setaro Pasta Maker- Artisanal Pasta made up of bronze warn durum wheat bran- Artisans of Pasta since 3 generations- Torre Annunziata- Napoli
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Fioroni Oranges from Ribera, Seasonal Product.
The Sicilian Oranges from Ribera Fiorone type belong to the blond navel oranges variety, due to their characteristic navel on the lower extremity. This variety has been developed in a Brazilian Monastery in 1820, these oranges were introduced in Sicily in 1900. The fruit have round shape, they're orange coloured and they've got big dimensions, they have a thin and compact pulp of extremely high quality and without seeds. The weight of each orange varies from 300 to 500 g. the juice that can be obtained is almost 40% with a balanced proportion of sugars and acids that characterizes the great organoleptic property. Don't waste the skins of the citrus, because you can turn them in this: Candied Ribera Orange Skins Ingredients: 2 Fioroni Oranges from Ribera; Sugar; Water. Preparation: Peel the oranges and cut the skins in slices of almost 1\2 centimeters, put them in a pan covering them with water. Continue the cooking until the skins start to soften. Weight the skins and use the same quantity of sugar and water for the sirup. Now put the skins, the sugar and the water in a pan and make it cook at low fire, until the liquid will be all absorbed. Put the orange skins on a grate to dry them. when they will be lukewarm cover them with sugar, make them rest for 24 hours and conserve them in closed a glass box.
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Selezione Monograno by Valentino Felicetti. "Matt quality selction, the outstanding resistance to cooking, the intense aroma, the great song yellow colour and the great absorption of every tipe of sauce.
The Felicetti Pasta Maker was born more than 100 years ago, in 1908, in Predazzo, in the heart of Dolomiti. All the kinds of Pasta we obtain are bronze-drawn and dried in order to obtain magnificent results in taste and structure for every possible type of cook. Strong defense of quality and control processes has made us obtain the most advanced quality certifications. The research lab verify the pureness and the organoleptic richness of the raw materials, so the brans are sifted and sent to the production lines. With water source water here starts the dough making, which than is modeled and shaped in different shapes and types of pasta which in the end will undergo drying. The brans are obtained from fine varieties of durum wheat. The Felicetti Pasta has an incredible resistance to cooking and an unique and intense taste that make it truly different form the other pastas. It also has a great absorption of every tipe of sauce.
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The Sicilian Round Hazelnut
The Sicilian round hazelnut is particularly appreciated for its unique aroma and its persistent perfume.T he Sicilian round hazelnut is characterized by the typical aroma, the delicate taste and the persistent aftertaste. The harvest takes place between September and October, when the mature fruits falls from the fronds. Besides from the well known organoleptic properties, the hazelnuts has great nourishing properties too, infant it contains monounsaturated fats, Vitamine E and K, minerals like potassium, calcium and phosphor and it is a good source of fiptosterol too.
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Paolo Petrilli, Tomatoes Preserves
In the Manor Farm "La Motticella" owned by Fabio Petrilli in Lucera (FG), the San Marzano tomatoes, which have a concentrate and authentic taste, are still hand picked up and peeled, they are washed and conserved in glass containers to conserve the aromas and tastes of genuine tomatoes matured under the sunlight! All with NO conservatives or colorants.
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