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Bagos cheese: A Slow Food product
Bagos is a cheese made from partially skimmed cow's milk. The maturity period is between 12 and 36 months. During the ripening period the rind is oiled with linseed oil, so that no mold forms and the bark gets elastic.
Articolo - 27/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

La Fastuchera: Tumminia is an old variety of wheat
The Tumminia durum wheat has been cultivated in Sicily for thousands of years. The wheat is sown in March and harvested in June after a short maturing period. The Timilia or Tumminia wheat does not need much water but extreme heat.
Articolo - 24/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

BioColombini "Organic farming is a solidarity pact with nature and the environment"
The company BioColombini farms all the 18 acres of land belonging to the farm. On 15 acres we grow vegetables, 1 acres belongs to the fruit gardens and on 2 acres we have olive groves. All carry the organic certification.
Articolo - 20/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Panificio Astori - Organic bread from South Italy
The bakery is located in Astori Coccaglio at the foot of Montorfano on the old trade route in Italy. The bakery Astori manufactures bread, cakes, pizza and cookies made ​​from organic ingredients.
Articolo - 09/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Ghirardi Onesto "The company was founded in Langhirano, the capital of Prosciutto Crudo"
The company was founded in Langhirano, the capital of Prosciutto Crudo, in the 1960s. Over time, it has specialized in the production of raw ham and today it is known all over the world. Check out the video!
Articolo - 08/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Tumminia wholemeal penne all'arrabbiata
Ingredients: - 500 g Tumminia whole wheat Penne "La Fastuchera" - 400g San Marzano tomatoes DOP "Agrigenus" - 1 Chili - 1 clove of garlic "garlic from Nubia" - Extra Virgin Olive Oil Frescolio "Frantoio Cutrera" - Salt "Oro di Sicilia" - Fresh parsley
Ricetta - 07/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

San Marzano DOP tomatoes by Agrigenus
The San Marzano dell'Agro Sarnese Nocerino DOP tomato is one of the best tomatoes in the world. It is not watery and has a slightly sweet note, so that it is ideally suited for preservation as a peeled tomato. So you can use them when fresh tomatoes it's not season for fresh tomatoes.
Articolo - 06/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Delfino Battista: Treatment of Alici di Cetara
Immediately after the Second World War Pasquale Battista has opened a small canning factory mainly for anchovies in Cetara and led it until to the 90s.
Articolo - 03/10/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Asiago Fresco DOP
Asiago Fresco has a pleasantly mild taste. It is soft and slightly sticky but melts easily in the mouth. It has a sweet, slightly acidic flavour due to its young age but is not salty and never bitter. After swallowing it leaves a slightly sweet and acidic lingering taste, easy, but so enjoyable it makes you long for another slice.
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