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Frantoio Cutrera New Frescolio 2016
We are ready yet this year with the New Harvest. You can already feel in the air the unmistakable, intense and fresh aroma of freshly produced oil olive and from tonight the first bottles of Frescolio will be ready to be tasted, our fresh olive oil mill Novello. We are ready to share with you the feelings that we are used to for centuries, the flavor and the aroma of a slice of bread, a good hot dish with vegetables, a fragrant pizza, a salad or whatever else your taste like, dressed with our new Frescolio.
Articolo - 29/09/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Masseria Dauna is an Apulia company that cultivates tomatoes and olives on the Dauni Mounts, between Apulia and Basilicata: from the tomatoes conservation we give live to our tomato purees, tomatoes naturally conserved and high quality sauces.
Masseria Dauna was born thanks to the Pozzuto Sister's desire to re-discover and preserve the ancient Apulian tastes and traditions. It was funded among the hills of the Dauni Mounts in 2001, the agricultural company do its best to maintain alive the typical Apulia cultures: Tomato and Olive. It follows faithfully an philosophy which supports the natural and seasons cycles. Masseria Dauna tomatoes are harvested only when they're at the right stage of ripening and they're processed following the original traditional recipes, using natural ingredients without any preservative or colouring in order to maintain the sweet and intense taste of tomatoes as most authentic as possible. Among pur conserves you can find the tomato puree, natural whole peeled tomatoes, the Spaccatella, and ready- sausages with bell peppers, aubergine or onion.
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Medici Ermete "The King of the Italian wines in the world; Lambrusco"
The Medici company has been producing an high quality Lambrusco and also other wines for a century. Everything was started by Remiglio, the forefather, who at the end of the 19th century funded a wine cellar to enhance the family's vineyards, which were located between the Emilia road and the first geographical features of the Enza valley. Reggio Emilia and Modena provinces are the temple of the Lambrusco. This land give birth to an incredibly satisfying wine, from who knows it to the ones who works it with passion. For the seventh consecutive year, the first and only Reggio Emilia company that has obtained the prestigious reward, the Concerto Lambrusco signed by Medici Ermete has been rewarded with the 3 glass by Gambero Rosso guide. With an annual production of almost 150 thousand bottles, the lambrusco Medici Ermete is nowadays present in some of the most prestigious wine houses and restaurant of the world, from the Michelin star restaurant to the London Harrods. Exactly one year ago it celebrates its twenty-year production.
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Mantova Pumpkin: the queen of Italian pumpkins
The queen of the Italian pumpkins come from Mantova, it is used for the stuffing of the famous tortelli and its seeds mustn't be absolutely wasted, they need drying and than after having put them in oven taste them! The sweet and delicate pumpkin flavor makes this product particularly suitable for the preparation of every recipe, from the appetizers to the desserts, fried or cooked in the oven, steamed or grilled. The flowers can be fried in a batter, the seeds, after being toasted and salted, are great as an aperitif. In the province of Mantova there are a lot of traditional recipes in which the pumpkin is the main ingredient. The best variety to prepare them is the "Cappello del Prete" one, with which you can prepare great risotti, gnocchi and naturally tortelli which are the most ancient and typical dish of Mantova traditional gastronomy with was prepared during the most important festivities because it brought good omens. It is difficult to establish a precise date of the beginning of its spread in Mantova, but the certain thing is that it didn't took a long for it for being appreciated for its versatility , its unique delicate flavor and its easy cultivation, infant this pumpkin doesn't need particular fertilizers and they are resistant to drought and insects diseases.
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