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Tasty, beautiful and Sicilian, these are Tumminello biscuits
Transferring the local tastes, aromas and colors is a path that always lead to high quality and genuine results. It is just this modus operandi that makes the Tumminello biscuits so characteristic, the whole representation and exaltation of the Sicilian products, native land of the company, perfectly inserted in the preparation of one of the classics of the World pastry as the biscuits. A research that starts from the Sicilian varieties stone milled flours as Tumminia, Maiorca and Perciasacchi, to the stuffings: figs, Avola almonds, Modica chocolate, pistachios and many others. Moreover, also concerning the esthetic side, the packaging are inspired to colors and motifs typical of the Sicilian arte, making them perfect for a gift too.
Articolo - 28/10/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Lambrusco RosŤ Cantina della Volta: Three Glasses Gambero Rosso
The Lambrusco RosŤ di Cantina della Volta has been awarded with three Gambero Rosso glasses in the 2021 edition. The rewards is a confirmation that the winery is moving towards the quality and innovation, particularly concerning the Lambrusco di Sorbara, it is certainly among the first ones trying to reinterpret it following an alternative vision. Therefore Classic Method instead of Charmat, long refinement, all of these concepts arenít normally associated with the Lambrusco. Depht of flower aromas with some berries, at the palate the acidity and persistency are truly outstanding, with a circus note exalted by these aspects.
Articolo - 20/10/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Tuna or Muggine? Let's talk about Grated Bottarga
Tuna and Mullet Bottarga are products born as the ďpoorís caviarĒ, but through the centuries have become true fine specialties. The processing is still bonded to passage that need hand made processes, with the difference that, as it is bigger, the tuna bottarga requires a double pressing, in order to guarantee the total drying paired with the salting. Both the products have the same use, but different flavors: the mullet less accentuated and more delicate, while the tuna more emphasized towards sapidity and sea taste. In order to comprehend better the peculiarities, the best method is certainly to try them both in a pasta, on a toasted bread or why not, on a pizza.
Articolo - 14/10/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )


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