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Beppino Occelli: the taste can't be only told
The productive relation between man and nature, specifically between Beepino Occelli and the Langhe and the mountain pasture, is born and develops mostly through the milk of different varieties (cow, sheep and goat) and all pf them are incredibly fine, because the final properties of the butter and cheeses are strictly bound to the goodness and freshness of the milk. For this reason the Beepino Occelli's "milky way" is born in the Langa (Piedmont), goes through the best territories and arrives to Valcasotto, here the best mountain cheese wheels finally rest and mature in the old aging cellar following the traditional methods. Beppino Occelli started his activity in 1976. The Beepino Occelli's butter and cheeses have always followed the evolution of the taste, actually they have even anticipated it: from the famous "Tuma della Paja" to the extra rare "Escarun", considered by everybody and unique and inimitable delight. The best Beeping Occelli's cheeses are born from a evolutive way of the taste and the continuous research of the quality of the raw materials, profoundly linked to the territory. The "milky way" is in fact born in the Langhe, than it continues in the province of Cuneo in the Castelmagno gazing lands and it finally reaches Valcasotto. Here the aged cheeses in mountain, thanks to the constant cures of our seasoners, finally rest on wooden boards that develops the taste and enrich their structure. Beppino Occelli's passion for the local tradition, matched with it creativity, has produced a wide variety of cheeses (fresh, semiaged,aged, with truffle, riserve, DOP... etc) very appreciated by the gourmet for their qualities.
Articolo - 18/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Biondi Santi Tenuta Greppo
The wine cellar "Geppo" hasn't undergone through great technologic changes, apart from the introduction of the most necessary modern devices. The total capacity is: 2.197,00 hl of barrels and vats made up of oak of Slavonia, 2.016 h of tanks made up of vitrified cement and 990,40 hl of inox vases. The total is 5.203,90 hl. Moreover the bottle place has a capacity of almost 211.000 bottles. The rasped grapes, after the pressing, ferments in big cement tanks and in the vats from 15 to 18 days, at a controlled temperature. During the fermentation 2 reassembly per day are executed, pouring handly the marc cap. After the racking the malolactic degradation is facilitated, maintaining the environment at a 18-20 degrees for almost 30 days. The new wine passes through the oak barrels for the maturation in the month of April after the harvest grape; at the end of the fourth year takes place the bottling in "bordolesi" bottles of 0,75 l. The "Brunello Biondi Santi" is commercialized not before 6 months after the bottling and it is exported all over the world, where it has acquired further and further reputation.
Articolo - 17/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

San Daniele Raw Ham "Il Camarin" ,a small artisanal reality
The ham making company "Il Camarin" is a small artisanal reality that produces only few thousands of pieces per year, these are very accurately selected and then most of them are destined to the selling to the finest butcheries and high restaurants. We're talking about raw hams endowed with exceptional piebald marking and aging, that distinguish themselves for their sweetness that can be guaranteed only by a well measured use of salt. Apart from the "magic" air of our city, the following characteristics have become fundamental to achieve the best result: - Selected thighs which comes exclusively form the best farm animals. - Artisanal making processes which are cured in each detail. - The minimum quantity of salt strictly necessary to guarantee a sweet and soft product. - A long aging that is necessary to give value to the importance of the piebald marking treated. The careful selection of the raw materials and the meticulous making processes are then concretized in a sweet and perfumed raw ham, always soft, born to satisfy the need of quality that always distinguish the high butchery.
Articolo - 15/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Azienda Agricola Melia Angelo: Olives and passion for bees
The honey making artisanal company Melia Angelo was born in Alcamo in 2014 that, besides producing broke olives and wines, has found its passion in breeding bees. This passion has never faded, it has only been strengthened by the continuous challenges that this fascinating world conveys. Our Sicilian land ,precisely in Alcamo, which is a sunny and windy area so this make this area pure in its nature and still uncontaminated as all the own products. Our serious work starts in the fields, in fact the bee yards are installed in gazing lands personally cultivated and treated naturally without any pesticides or chemical products in order not to pollute the environment and as a consequence the bees and their products. We pay our best attention during every making phase in laboratory: from the honey extraction to the packing; while the biologists certify the pureness.
Articolo - 15/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

The Avola Almond "Incomparable quality protected by the Consortium"
The Avola almond is unique in the whole world, incomparable for its shape and organoleptic properties. The territory makes it really special, there the clime is warm, thanks to its vicinity to the sea and the presence of the Iblei Mounts which stop the frozen winds from the northwest and the north. The almonds are a food rich in proteins and magnesium, easily digestible and very energetic. They are particularly recommended when your body needs energy. The "Pizzuta" is the hard and smooth shell, with small holes. The seed has flat shape: this almond is the symbol of the highest quality haute patisserie. The "Fascionello" compete with the "Pizzuta" the primate in the application to the pastry-making due to its delicate fragrance. The last one is the "Romana" also called "Corrente d'Avola", it is easily recognizable thanks to its triangular shape. The safeguard and improvement consortium of the Almond was born in 2000 after an initiative organized by the producers, merchants, and pastry-making companies that use the Avola Almond.
Articolo - 14/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Terre Sicane: The Perticone, Sicilian local vine variety with red berry
The excellent raw material from which it comes from give us back the finest and complex aromas among which you can perceive the delicious perfumes of the marasca jam, blackberry and prune, passed through by the nuance that evokes the cloves, the ginger, the juniper berries and the licorice. We show you an elegant and aristocratic architecture, that denotes a vital and crispy fruit, well supported by an acidity which is never too strong and very well balanced, velvety and enveloping tannins. The Perricone is a biologic wine from the area of Alcamo in the west of Sicily, it is made up of a very rare grapes with are on danger to extinction, this wine has a determined and strong personality, it is clear and terse. It matches very well with cannelloni, pecorino, extra cooked geld, the deer stew, the pheasant with truffles and with bovine filet with species sauces. Among the cheeses it is preferred to be accompanied with the more aged ones with compact paste.
Articolo - 10/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Vastedda bvalle del Belice DOP is one of the fewest cow's milk cheese with yarn paste
The Vastedda cheese form the Belice valley has interesting organolephtics qualities. Its protein content surpass the average fresh cow's milk cheeses. This record is due to its particular making processes, in fact the spinning process creates a placer mining of the fat, furnish an improvement of the proteins. This is an excellent source of nourishing principles, proteins above all, liposoluble vitamins and mineral salts like phosphor and calcium. Moreover, the low concentration of fats make it a food endowed with great digestibility and lightness.
Articolo - 09/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Artisanal Pasta-Making "Campo": The Pasta "Campo" is exclusively prepared with Sicilian durum wheat flour and water.
The Pasta "Campo" is exclusively prepared with Sicilian durum wheat flour and water. Everything starts from the durum wheat. To make Pasta Campo we use only Sicilian wheats, picked up within the range of 300km from the company site. The harvest takes place in the right moment of maturation that is immediately followed by the storage, all happens within few kilometers to maintain a perfect conservation of the raw materials. The wheat is than ground delicately ( with a low numbers of rotations) to maintain its whole original fragrance.
Articolo - 08/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Astori Bakery: biologic stone milled flours, cooking in wood oven, mother yeast...
The foundation of this artisanal bakery dates back to the first years of the 20th century in Coccaglio (province of Brescia), than it was taken over by the Astory family in 1968, and in 2005 they installed an original wood oven to improve further the cook and the taste of the bread. The objective is the research and the revaluation of the ancient wheat varieties nowadays nearly extinct. The flour come from flour mills which furnish themselves with biologic raw materials through a direct contact with some agricultural producers like "Mulino Sobrio". The making process start from the mother yeast with acid dough. Since 1993, the fermentative stock belongs to the cacao fruit, and it is revived every day. The machineries at low rotation work carefully the dough and the breads are hand shaped and let rise on wooden boards. The cooking is made in wood oven. Then the breads cool down in wicker baskets. The brown bread, the rye bread, the 5 cereals bread, the kamut bread have an outstanding ancient taste and absolutely fine quality. The cookies follows 2 different recipes: the traditional with all biologic cane sugar, eggs and butter and the sweet one with apple juice and extra virgin olive oil.
Articolo - 07/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

The Acquerello Rice: The History of the Rondolino Grain.
The Acquerello rice is unique in the whole world, it is work using the helix which gives the rice a delicate and slow movement, constricting the grains to rub between them and against the walls to obtain more brightness; in this way, the more precious nutritional elements (mineral salts, proteins and vitamins), don't get listen the flours, as happens in the other withening systems. Nowadays it is the only "Extra" Rice, this denomination is allowed only to the rices which have defects lower than 1 relating to the standard made by the law and broken grains lower than 1,5% instead of 5%. Moreover the Acquerello Rice is the first rice which ages in Italy, in fact it is conserved in the fresh stocks for a time as long as possible due to the fact that it hasn't already perfected the organoleptic qualities of the grain.
Articolo - 04/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Azienda Agricola Marchesini: We Cultivate with Love, We Breed with Care.
The Agricultural Company Marchesini breed extremely carefully its own pigs, the breeding farm is divided in sectors to guarantee the hygiene and health of the animals. The production cycle include the nourishment of the pigs with products obtained by the traditional cultivation. The company cultivates itself the 4 useful raw materials for the feeding of the pigs (corn, barley, rape and soy). All the producing processes are energized by the solar energy tanks to the photovoltaic system. The Agricultural Company Marchesini is a modern reality that includes all the passages from the cultivations of the grains for the breeding of the pigs, the breeding, the butcher, and then the aging in a equipped cellar.
Articolo - 03/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Cantina La Valle: Luca Gardini, the world champion sommelier
This Article ,taken from the insert "Sport Week" of the Italian most famous sportive newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, is titled "Bollicine Mondiali" (World Bubbles) was published by Luca Gardini, the world champion sommelier and here he writes about La Valle company that produces great Franciacorta sparkling wines. "Not every wine cellars ground their roots in a producing distant past. In 1990, when the most part of people were watching TV or were going to the stadium to watch the world cup matches which was hosted by Italy, but some people, among which the members of the Pezzola family, were starting their winery company, which is in Franciacorta, called "La Valle". Three years after the foundation it was already possible to make a toast with the first 3000 bottles of millesimato Franciacorta. After that the wine cellar in Rodengo Saiano has increased year after year not only his own vineyards age but also its productive awareness. Since 2010 the company has also a new very modern wine cellar in which realize perlages which are the perfect liquid transposition of the link between the vineyards and the territory".
Articolo - 02/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )


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