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Pastificio dei Campi: the product of the selection of the best raw material.
Pastificio dei Campi is a young company that is born from the will to combine the innovation and the ancient tradition of Gragnano pasta-making. Our pasta is produced using durum wheat flour 100% Italian durum wheat flour, endowed with a protein content that goes beyond 14%, and it is bronze wire-drawed. The wheat is all traced, so the final customer can follow al the passages of the production writing the name of the shape type of pasta and its expiration date on the website The Gragnano Pasta of the Pastificio dei Campi is a unique product, due to its aromas, taste and consistency. When you'll taste it you will discover the fragrance and the flavour of the best Italian durum wheat, and it has a great resistance to the boiling tanks to the best selected raw materials.
Articolo - 31/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Grana Padano DOP
This hard cheese is made from raw cow's milk and rennet. Two days after the production of the loaves they are cured immerging them in a brine.
Articolo - 27/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Organic wine by Adamo: Preole - Grillo - Sauvignon
The farm Adamo was established in 1913 and has been passed on from generation to generation. From the beginning the family has dedicated its time only for the olive and wine growing. Here the cultivation method is exclusively organic. The company has a cultivated area of ​​750,000 square meters.
Articolo - 19/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

100% Sicilian natural almonds
The best almonds 100% natural, dried under the heat of the summer sun and peeled; no chemical products both on the trees and their fruits are used. The pick up is hand made between July and August. The Almonds can be peeled or natural, ready to be used in many different ways in the kitchen: they can be chopped up and turned into grain, added to a first course or main courses. They're perfect for desserts too, in the cooking biscuits, almond paste, martorana fruit, torrone sweets, slushes and many other things. It is a natural and gluten free product.
Articolo - 16/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Cinta senese cold cuts: excellent products
These sausages are made from the meat of an indigenous breed of pigs, the so-called Cinta Senese. The meat of these pigs is much tastier than of the other races, as in the rearing and feeding of these animals, great emphasis is placed on high-quality forage.
Articolo - 11/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Caponi tagliatelle with bluefin tuna bottarga
Ingredients for 2 people: - 125 g egg Tagliatelle "Caponi" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo" - Bluefin tuna bottarga "La Bottarga di Tonno Group"
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