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Panciuc Pasticceria Aliverti, ancient artisanal recipe
The Panciuc, proposed in many variants, is born from the perfect combination between the ancient artisanal recipe of panettone, based on the use of starter, and first quality ingredients, so becoming a true Piedmontese excellence. A meeting of perfumes and aromas, an emotion that conquers very palate with its elegant and delicate taste. It is proposed with candied chestnuts soaked in a 7 year aged Caribbean rum, pears and chocolate soaked in a pear liqueur, oranges soaked in grand marnier, soaked in moscato passito di strevi DOCG, Sorrento IGP lemons soaked in lemon liqueur. The Amaretto del San Carlo is the expression of the artisanal excellence of Italy gastronomy. Made in different variants: coffee, lemon, chocolate, cinnamon and ginger, oranges.
Articolo - 13/02/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Favola is the one and only mortadella of the world stuffed and cooked in the natural pork rind.
Favola is the one and only mortadella of the world stuffed and cooked in the natural pork rind. Its dough is made up only by careful selected pork meats, the finest ones, that can give a natural pink color. Moreover the fat parts come exclusively from the throat, both for its hardness and its gustative characteristics, finer than fat coming from other parts. Among the other ingredients it is to point out the acacia honey, that contributes exalting a full taste. A gluteen-free product and with a low content of fats, as a consequence easy to digest and light, without any poliphosphates and milk derivatives, no glutamate and NON GMO.
Articolo - 12/02/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Raschera Dop - La Bruna
Raschera PDO La Bruna, made up of raw cow milk only, then a 1 month aging, that always takes place in very humid stone caves. Its taste is elegant, delicate and very aromatic, appreciated not only as a product itself but also as an ingredient for many recipes. It is Particularly fit for being melted, so it can be used in the preparation of flavorful and creamy risotti. Great also as a side with some cooked vegetables, or cut into small cubes in mixed salads, the Raschera is often used also to cook delicious fondues, vo-au-vent and salad cakes. The ideal wine pairing are structured white wines and middle bodied red wines.
Articolo - 09/02/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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I live in Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 and am asking where I can buy your pasta.

User: Ria ( 15/02/2018)
Category/Topic Linguine Masciarelli

Hi, Where can we buy your red tuna in cans in the United States. We brought some back from our trip to Sicily and don't want to eat any other tuna.
Thank you, Charles

User: ( 11/02/2018)
Category/Topic Mediterranean tuna in olive oil - Campisi

please tell me where i can buy extra virgin olive oil in 5 litre cans

User: josephine attard ( 05/02/2018)
Category/Topic General topic

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