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La Fastuchera: healthy wholemeal Tumminia pasta that won't make you regret the taste of durum wheat pasta.
The whole wheat pasta, concerning the taste, is often seen as a less pleasant and captivating product compared to the durum wheat pasta. Actually there’s nothing more wrong, indeed there are whole wheat pasta endowed with intense aroma and taste, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates. The key is the choice of a wheat fit for this kind of production, among the most indicated it is obliged to mention the Tumminia. The latter is a Sicilian ancient durum wheat variety with an intense toasted aroma, a low gluten index and easy to digest, conciliating organoleptic qualities and interesting taste, often produced by small local agricultural company as La Fastuchera is. Moreover, it is just the Tumminia the flour used to produce the well known Castelvetrano Bread.
Articolo - 29/06/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Barbina Franciacortina: a fine and tasty new local meat by Macelleria Mastra Alebardi
From the collaboration between the small breeders and the butcher shop Mastra Alebardi, Barbina Franciacortina is added to our catalogue. Care of the animal, sustainable breeding methods and direct control of every step of the production chain are the elements that have favored the introduction of a meat of absolute quality. The marbling is well pronounced, the taste soft as well as the texture, characteristics that favour a very precise distinction within the national meat offer: all that remains is to try it! Barbina Franciacortina is now available in Fiorentina and Costata cuts, but soon to arrive in many others such as fillet, tartare, priest's hat, etc..
Articolo - 11/06/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Vignola PGI Cherries, between uniqueness and territory
The Vignola cherry is a variety that stands out for its tenacious texture and fruity taste. These characteristics are enhanced by centuries of local agricultural tradition, combined with climatic and geological conditions that have helped to make the cherries of this particular area of the Province of Modena unique in terms of quality, and have earned them the Protected Geographic Indication. The harvesting, strictly by hand, is the most delicate but fundamental step, which helps to keep the fruit in the best possible state, a component that in mechanic harvesting is, at the moment, irreproducible.
Articolo - 06/06/2020 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Hello, do you sell wholesale? Thank You in advance

User: Andrew Carter ( 08/07/2020)
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I just ordered 6 bottles of Limoncello and paid $94.35 in shipping. At the end of my order it said FREE SHIPPING on orders over 135 or 150 euros! Can I change my order to more bottles of Limoncello to get the free shipping? If I order 2 or 3 more bottles I would be over 150 euros. When I asked my question before ordering this option wasn’t mentioned ...?

User: ( 06/07/2020)
Category/Topic Limoncetta di Sorrento - Il Limoncello

how much is shipping for a single bottle? How long to get to USA?

User: ( 06/07/2020)
Category/Topic Laudemio - Olio Extravergine di Oliva

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