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Tumminia- Russulidda- Maiorca: Ancient Sicilian Wheats
Historical Sicilian wheats, among which the timilia (or tummina), Maiorca and Russulidda varieties are cultivated and processed throughout the biologic methods, maintaining intact all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics. Moreover the absence of OGM, these wheats are milled by stone, in order to allow to preserve the wheats germ, vitamins, mineral salts and proteins that make it a further healthy and easy to digest product. It is very good for the preparation of sweet and salty products and for the pasta. The ancient wheats are nothing but ancient wheat varieties of the past remained still authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change by the mankind to improve its yield.
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Piennolo Cherry Tomato P.D.O from Vesuvio
This extraordinary tomato grows in bunches which almost touch the ground. Conserve it hung in a fresh place and it will keep for 4 to 6 months. The brunches mature, that is to say the tomatoes have the characteristic of losing water slowly without going bad, due to its thick skin. The taste results acid\sweet, especially as it concerns the conserved tomatoes, this makes them fit for characterize many recipes of the Neapolitan cuisine, because it is transformed in sauce too. This is why it is the ideal for a pasta recipe or with fish.
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Since 1903 we process high quality fresh selected pork meats coming from Friulian breedings with passion
The four generations experience and the love for the well done things, are the unique ingredients that make the cold cuts producer Lovison the reference point for the Friulian cold cuts. The musetto is a rustic and delicious cold cut, with a big grain paste and endowed with a great softness, both a sweet and spicy taste, used by the most famous Italian chefs , among which Carlo Cracco, in their recipes. The sausage: for its production the meat used are the ossocollo, the shoulder and the belly, which are processed at high temperature immediately after the butchering and flavored with species. The product is then tied by hand and dried in cellars for 12 hours. The soppressa is made season with some species for 8 months in the wine cellars. The result is a product with mid grain and a taste balanced between thigh and belly following the tradition. The knife tip made salami is made up only with meat processed at hot temperature than seasoned with a mix of selected spices. The substantial difference that distinguish this product from the others is the cutting of the meat made by hand by the butchers in cubes of 2 centimeters. After the salami are tied by hand are put in drying wine cellars for 3 days.
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Masseria dello Sbirro “Welcome back Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” – available again on our website.
The “Pomodorini del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” are one of most ancient and typical product of Campanian tradition. A fresh product without preservatives that is produced by hand following the typical traditions of the Vesuv region. The “Pomodorino del Piennolo del Vesuvio DOP” is distinguished by its firm peel, the firm attachment of the tomato to the bunch, its high sugar and acid contents and content of soluble solids. Thanks to this requisites, the tomatoes are suitable for a ling preservation without altering the organoleptic characteristics. This peculiarities are determined by the microclimatic conditions, which are typical for the geographic growing area of the tomatoes. The soil is of volcanic origin and was formed by the eruptions von the Vesuvius and Somma.
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Agricultural Company Pasquale Pelissero (Piedmont, Langhe): Produces Italian great wines 2017
The Agricultural Company Pasquale Pelissero take care of its vineyards very accurately. It turns into wine only own produced grapes, finishing the wines in a very traditional way, in a 25\30 hl French durmast barrel.
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Pesto: Pesto for the love of the Italian excellence
In its laboratory in Genova Pexto has developed and brought to the present the historical traditional Ligurian recipes. All the Pesto Genovese variants, all of them made with high quality ingredients. A quality without any compromise: Parmigiano Reggiano cheese aged for 27 months and produced with milk coming from cows that live in mountain, first choice Italian extra virgin olive oil coming from an historical Ligurian olive oil mill, Italian walnuts, pine nuts and garlic carefully selected and finally the inimitable Genoese P.D.O. fresh basil.
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It's official now! Gorgonzola is naturally lactose less
The news has now become official after the experimentation organized by the Consorzio Gorgonzola in collaboration with the CREA of Lodi (research centre). Nowadays, in fact, the presence or lack of this sugar in the food has become an information of great interest for the final consumer. The lactose content in Gorgonzola has resulted to be far under ministerial limit to define a cheese "naturally lactose less" (<0,1 g/ 100g). This result has been largely been waited and supported by a research made by the Consorzio di Tutela. Up to now every company will be able to report the caption, as long as it is supported by analysis on its product, that certify the values reported by the research.
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Forno Astori: research and recover of ancient wheat varieties from Biologic Agriculture
All the wheats are cultivated following the biologic method, the grinding for the white flours is made through many passages in rolling mills and for the raw flours through slow rotation natural stone made millstones. At Forno Astori the production is made exclusively adding the flour to the natural yeast, the first dough is made using machines at low speed rotation and then the loafs are worked manually and let rising on wooden boards. After the cooking in wooden oven, the breads are made cool down in osier baskets. Besides a rich assortment of different kinds of soft wheat, raw, white, durum wheat, spelt, rye,gamut and 5 cereals breads, the oven produces breadsticks, biscuits, melba toasts and taralli always using only biologic raw materials.
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The Cinta Senese is the ancestor of all the Tuscan pigs
The natural environment is the Montagnola Senese, a hill zone at 250-300 meters of height. These hills covered by immense holm oak wood, an unlimited source of acorns, offer an ideal situation in the undergrowth for the gazing of these free range bred pigs. The gazing breeding based on food as acorns, tubers, roots gives these porks meat its unique taste and characteristics. Positive effects on saltiness and tastiness, the meat is more red and tasty than the other pork meats. The meats have better organoleptic qualities thanks to the higher concentration of unsaturated acid fats, particularly the Omega 3 and Omega 6 series. Its lard is richer in oleic acid polyunsaturated acts fats compared to the traditional ones. The fat is less consistent and more fluid, so more pleasant at the palate, this allows the cold cuts obtained to have a faster spread of the aromas used for spicing it, assuring the product optimal aromatic characteristics.
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Agricultural Company Agrirape: Marmalades and jams naturally tasty
Agrirape jams and marmalades are entirely made with company produced fruit, sugar and lemon juice, without adding any preservative. Leonforte peach extra jam: Very sweet, aromatic and perfumed, the Leonforte peaches a true jewel of the Italian agriculture. White peach jam: it is taken from white peaches belonging to the "settembrino bianco cultivar" "Albabella" apricot jam: it is obtained from the fruits grown in the company orchard without using any chemical insecticide. These are ancient local fruits varieties, re-discovered by Giuseppe Manna and able to produce fruits endowed with exceptional organoleptic properties. Prickly pear extra jam: an outstanding jam with a strong and sweet taste, typical of the cooked prickly pear aroma. Sicilian red oranges jam: realized with "tarocco" and "moro" oranges varieties with a very characteristic taste given by the exclusive use of red oranges. Tangerines extra jam: made exclusively with Sicilian tangerines, it has a very delicate taste. Light orange color, very limpid and lightly liquid because of the low temperature cooking and the absence of added pectine. Lemons extra jam: made using only high quality and very aromatic Sicilian lemons, which are harvested and processed within few days. Like the tangerines jam it is liquid due to the low flame cooking and the absolute naturalness of the product.
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Mantellassi "Morellino Ambassadors"
Wine Cellar Mantellassi raises few kilometers from Magliano (Tuscany) not far from the sea, near to its vineyards. This allows to bring the grapes to the wine cellar in very short time during the grape harvest in order to preserve all the characteristics. The vineyards extend on the hills of the Fattoria, daily the Sangiovese vine variety but also Alicante, Cabernet Sauvignon, Morellino, Merlot, Canaiolo Nero, Malvasia Nera, Ciliegiolo, Vermentino Bianco, Sauvignon Bianco vine varieties. Fattoria Mantellassi has contributed to the creation of the Morello di Scansano DOC denomination. The wine is produced by the company following technologic standards which aim at the reduction of the environmental impact and obtaining a very genuine product.
Articolo - 05/09/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Artisanal Cheese Factory Esposito, the ancient cheese making art is practiced by expert hands that work mozzarella wisely.
Esposito has been working in the dairy field for over than 30 years. In the Artisanal Cheese Factory Esposito the ancient art of cheese making is practiced by expert hands that work mozzarella wisely, passed on from a generation to another one. Here, the production of the Campania buffalo mozzarella, ricotta and the other cheeses is respected without bending to the global market rules (which impose products that are more and more similar). In fact the production is entirely hand made: that means a lower production volume, but an outstanding quality, the guaranteeing of taste and genuineness respecting the traditions. All the milk processed by the Artisanal Cheese Factory Esposito comes from selected in the Piana del Sele.
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Anchovies and Sardines by Agostino Recca
It is the history of a company that has been producing anchovies and salted sardines. The company is placed in Sciacca in the industrial area of Santa Maria with a 3000 square meters plant. The 15 employers work every day to transform the clue fish. The fish is processed the same day it is fished, guaranteeing a product with unique characteristics and red coloured. The fish is rigorously coming from the Italian sea, the anchovies species are "engranulis" and "engranulis encrasicolus", normally fish in the open sea near Sciacca.
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Agricultural Company Mancini: working as a diligent farmer.
Only certified seeds and the varieties which respond better to the quality requests and adapt to the climatic conditions, guaranteeing an economically sustainable production. The seeding takes place during the most suitable period using the right quantity of seeds for each variety depending on the conditions of every single plot of land, using the adequate tools for each situation. The Agricultural Company Mancini, from the spike to the table, guarantees the traceability and the absence of chemical remains certified by constant lab analysis. The artisanal processing then exalts the raw material characteristics. Each variety cultivated by Mancini has its character, history and diverges in size, colour, gluten tenor, protein content and productive potential. Everyone has its weaknesses and strengths.
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