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Arduo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

Arduo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

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Leading-edge red wine of our company, the Arduo Rosso Riserva is a wine with rich and elegant texture, excellent in body but not excessive. Played on properties of advanced ripeness of the grapes, with the aim of proposing a primarily elegant and complete wine. Produced from extremely ripe grapes and very limited productive loads, it represents the top of the potential of our red varieties and of the care and passion we want to dedicate to Nature.

Vineyard and grapes: thirty years old vines, Merlot, Sangiovese e Marzemino, with a little Cabernt sauvignon. Extreme crop thinning to reduce the load and make it not only proportionate to the vines capacity to let the grapes ripen perfectly, but also adequate to the need for a particularly characterized wine.

Harvest: the harvest takes place at an advanced ripeness stage. The periodic tasting of the grapes in pre-harvest period is needed to evaluate the phenolic ripeness and to consciously decide to start the harvest only when every organoleptic detail is consistent with the prefixed quality goals.

Vinification: maceration from three to six weeks, depending on the vintage, at temperatures deliberately variable in a programmed way, to best extract the chemicals contained in the skins, so to enhance the olfactory and gustative proprieties of all the varieties of grapes used. Long ageing on fine lees, first and second stage barriques, bottling after at least 18 months after the harvest, without stabilisation, with only unrefined filtrations, and additional fining in bottle for a few months.

Organoleptic features: very intense ruby red, with garnet highlights if aged for over 4 years in bottle, aroma of sweet spices, very ripe but not cooked red fruits, hints due to ageing in wood, delicately integrated in the ample bouquet due to the properties of the grapes of origin, from the vinification method and from the fining. Very rich taste, with balance of sensations at very high level between acidity, softness and not violent astrincency. Complex aftertaste sensations, with clear perception of sensation of maturity of the tannins contained in the grapes of origin.

Preservation: ideal consume period between 2 and 7 years after the harvest. Preserve in a cool and dark place.

Serving and matching: serve at 18-20įC. Full-bodied wine, with tertiary aromas and still notable memory of the ripeness of the fruit, required in grapes of origin. Complex and caressing texture, elegance are its virtues. Serve with elaborate, rich dishes of meat, wild fowl, roast meats, aged cheeses.

Manufacturer: Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

Format : 0,75 cl.
Alcohol Content : Gradi: 14.5

Pratum Coller: A project, an experience, an idea
Satisfied for his long and glorious career as a footballer, Andrea Pirlo has started a new challenge with the Pratum Coller. Passion for wine and nature has always been one of his personal traits, but here he became personally vine grower and entrepreneur in the enology world. He has started this in the province of Brescia, running a project were the quality and the uniqueness of wines combine with the company philosophy "man measured"; where words as organic, low environmental impact and biodiversity are at the centre of the project. An alternative experience, but really for this reason unusual and outstandingly innovative, he's managing this sided by a staff endowed with great experience, people who after many years of professional work have found new motivations in this project. Andrea Pirlo's company produces nearly 30 thousand bottles per year (white, red and rosŤ). In 2019 the sparkling wine will make its debut with two classic method: a rosŤ Pinot noir and a Brut produced with Chardonnay grapes. The Eos, a rosŤ with a mid structure, has been the first wine produced by the Pratum Coller, while among the other wines stands out the Nitor, a Tebbiano of Lugana finely aromatic with a good sapidity, and the Arduo, the top red wine of the company. The name of this wine (with means arduous) represents the motto of the family " reaching goals overcoming difficulties", the wine is intense, elegant produced with Sangiovese and Marzemino grapes with a little part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon made in separated vinification, first in French barrique and then in iron.
Articolo - 18/05/2018 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Andrea Pirlo "It is called Pratum Coller and it is its wine-making company"
It's name is Pratum Coller and it is in Capriano del Colle, in the province of Brescia. The wine produced is completely organic and eco-friendly, both red and white wines. The eco-sustainable production allows wine to keep intact its organoleptic properties, reducing at the same time the pollution and safeguarding the relationship between nature, space and natural maturation time. For this company it is fundamental to establish a dialogue between the territory and its people, passing on the tastes from generation to generation and creating meetings around the tasting of good wines, rich in history and passion. Andrea Pirlo has chosen this way because of the love and passion towards wine and land. "In every bottle of a certain level there's hard work and the certainty of reaching specific results, without hurry but respecting the vineyards totally.
Articolo - 19/10/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo: Our wines are made to be appreciated by senses, mind, and Nature.
The nature of a wine and its success are decided by many elements that we can visualize as the tiles of a mosaic. Every molecule of the wine is a tile of the mosaic, just like, every decision made by the man that chooses in which way to direct the grapevine. After all this, a precise vinification process and the choice of the location for the vineyards and the bottling must be undertaken with the same care. The corporate philosophy of Pratum Coller can be summarized in a sentence “driving without forcing”. The vineyard has to be accompanied in its growth and ripening of the grapes, to help it give us what we want: whole, truthful and savory grapes. This fundamental idea is also true for the pruning. “It is not about pruning to only satisfy the plant,– underlines Marco Tonni, agronomist that cooperates with Pratum Coller – but pruning to help the plant produce according to our needs. The shape of every plant has to be preserved as we planned it, and the same has to be for the position of the leaves to ensure the ripening and the right placement of the bunches and the longevity of the vineyard”.
Articolo - 26/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo Company philosophy can be summed up in one sentence:
The Pratum Coller Company philosophy can be summed up in one sentence: "guiding without forcing". The vineyard must be accompanied during its growth the maturation of the grapes, to help it give us what we desire: honest, true and savoury grapes. The management of the vineyards includes interventions that implies the lowest environmental impact using products certificated for the biological agriculture. Biodiversity is the key word of the company. The vineyard but also the woods, the moats, the banks, the edges and the lawns are all parts of a territory in which the respect of the natural balance must be the first priority. We cultivate the typical local varieties: Marzemino, Merlot, Barbera and San Gives with the presence of Black Pinot, Syrah, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The white variety is Trebbiano di Lugana. The strength of Pratum Coller wines derives form the very low yield that let the vineyards concentrating their energies on the production of complex and elegant wines. For the top wines, Nitor and Arduo, the yields are 50 q\h for the white and 40 q\h for the red one, whereof grapes are selected among the oldest vineyards. Pratum cooler currently produces 4 kinds of wines: the rosŤ Eos, the white Nitor, the reds Redeo and Arduo.
Articolo - 27/11/2015 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Lentil soup with lentils from Villalba with Quadrucci
Ingredients for 4 people: - 250 g lentils from Villalba "Fastuchera" - 50 g quadrucci from Tumminia wheat "Fastuchera" - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Clivio degli Ulivi" - 1/2 onion - Salt from Trapani - 150 g pancetta "Az. Agricola Pontoglio"
Ricetta - 08/12/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Andrea Pirlo: I spend more and more time in the vineyards - Let's talk about EOS
EOS is the first wine we have produced. A rosť wine, which is strong, but not overbearing. It is ideal as an aperitif, but also goes well with light dishes like fish or white meat.
Articolo - 01/07/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Organic Petrilli pasta - Penne Rigate with pepper sauce
Ingredients for 4 people: - 400 g Penne Rigate - Organic Pasta "Petrilli" - 500 g tomato puree "Masseria Dauna" - 2 fresh peppers - Pitted organic Taggiasca olives from Liguria "La Macina Ligure" - 1 clove of garlic from Nubia "Balducco" - Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Adamo" - Salt from Trapani
Articolo - 25/06/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pratum Coller - the wine estate of the Italian football player Andrea Pirlo: "My Organic Wine"
The Italian national soccer player Andrea Pirlo opened in 2007 with the help of his family, a small winery in the birthplace of his father in the village of Coler in the community Flero near Brescia.
Articolo - 23/06/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Pratum Coller - the wine estate of the Italian football player Andrea Pirlo: "My Organic Wine"
The Italian national soccer player Andrea Pirlo opened in 2007 with the help of his family, a small winery in the birthplace of his father in the village of Coler in the community Flero near Brescia.
Articolo - 23/06/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Arduo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo


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