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Sol Doré - Passito - Benaco Bresciano I.G.P. - Cŕ Maiol

Sol Doré - Passito - Benaco Bresciano I.G.P. - Cŕ Maiol

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Sol Doré - Passito - Benaco Bresciano I.G.P.
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Sol Doré
Passito · Benaco Bresciano I.G.P.

The Garda region tradition also offers sweet dessert wines. Our Sol Doré is the result of a selection of our best grapes that are left to over-ripen until mid-October, and are then placed on racks to achieve natural withering of the skins. Once the withered grapes have been delicately pressed, a must is obtained that will be fermented in small wooden kegs. For some vintages this must is integrated with concentrated must obtained from the deep-freezing of grapes from the company’s vineyards, which are frozen pressed (ice wine method) by pneumatic press. The aim is to reach a high alcoholic strength while maintaining a good sugary residue. Annual production of our dessert wine is only around 8,000 bottles of 50 cl..

Grape variety: Trebbiano di Lugana and Chardonnay.

Tasting and technical notes

Color: luminous golden reflections similar to an olive oil in evolution.

Nose: yellow peach and smooth dehydrated apricot - in the glass it leaves space for lavender and broom - oxidating the secondary bouquet of aromas of boiled sweets and marzipan with light touches of spun sugar and puffed rice.

Mouth: soft with a perfect equilibrium and the acid component fresh and tart with hints of Kaiser pear and arbutus honey.

Alcohol volume: 12% Vol

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Pairing: herby or well seasoned hard cheeses, short and puff pastries.

Manufacturer: Cŕ Maiol

Format : 0,375 Lt.
Alcohol Content : 12,0 %

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Sol Doré - Passito - Benaco Bresciano I.G.P. - Cŕ Maiol


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