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Bag da 5 Lt 'Bianco Biologico' Terre Siciliane IGP - Adamo

Bag da 5 Lt 'Bianco Biologico' Terre Siciliane IGP - Adamo

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Vino Catarratto Biologico IGP - bag. 5 Lt.
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Vino Grillo Biologico IGP - bag. 5 Lt.
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Vino Catarratto Biologico IGP - bag. 5 lT.
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Vino Catarratto Biologico IGP - bag. 3 lT.
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Container Bag 5 Liters
Vineyard: sapling cultivation system, soil type medium hill - Production area, Alcamo

Period Harvest: Manual in mid-August

Production techniques: Organic Farming

Wine-making: de-stemming, pressing of the grapes, fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 13 ° contact with indigenous yeasts

Ageing: in stainless steel silos

Refined in bottles a month

Bottle: 750 ml

Alcohol content: 13 °

Colour: pale straw yellow

Perfume:. good aromatic bouquet, with hints of herbs, floral and citrus notes

Taste: fruity, with good acidity and a balanced softness, excellent taste structure

Serving suggestions: Dishes of fish and white meats.

Manufacturer: Azienda Agricola Biologica Adamo

Format : 5 Lt
: 1
: price per liter €. 3,00

Risotto with 24 months aged Cheese of Alpine Hut by cheeses seasoner Emilio Brullo and Cotechino from "Macelleria Mastra Alebardy" Butchery.
Ingredients: -400 gr. Acquerello- Carnaroli Rice -1 Shallot -2 Spoons of Granular Broth "Classico BIO" -1 Glass of White Wine Catarratto Biologico Terre Siciliane IGP Adamo -100 gr Alpine Hut Cheese "Emilio Brullo Seasoner" aged until 24 months -Butter Agricultural Company Frascio. Immerse the whole Cotechino in a pot with cold water and, when the water will be boling and let it cook slowly for 3 hours. In a pan warn the butter and make the shallot browning. Than add the rice and make it toast for a while, simmer with white wine until reduce and so add the broth slowly until the rice will be cooked. Once the rice will have reached the level of cooking you desire, regulate with salt if it's necessary, turn off the flame anche cook until creamy with the alpine hut aged cheese and a knob of butter. Cut the Cotechino in small cubes and ad it to the Risotto.
Ricetta - 09/02/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Agricultural Company Adamo "The biologic wine in the everyday life in the bag-in-box".
The Agricultural Company Adamo sells 2 of its wines in this type of format. The first is the biologic Catarratto, it is pale yellow colored, it has a various aromatic endowment, floral aromas and citrus shades, it is a full bodied wine, it has a great acidity and a balanced softness, it perfectly sides with fish recipes and white meats. The second one is the biologic Nero d'Avola, at the sight it is pleasantly red ruby colored, its taste has shades of berries, cherries, plums, at its best its also contains spiced and balsamic notes, it sides well with red meats, roast meats and aged cheeses. These 2 wines are sold in bottles too, they aren't second choice, they are great wines for every day. The Agricultural Company Adamo, fully dedicated to the cultivation of vines and olive trees rigorously following biologic methods, extends for a wide hill area for almost 75 hectares, inside the Alcamo DOC production area. The products are the result of a careful work of selection, starting form the choice of the grapes controlling its cultivation methods.
Articolo - 28/01/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Bag da 5 Lt 'Bianco Biologico' Terre Siciliane IGP - Adamo


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