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The "Limoncello di Capri"

A perfect fusion of the colour, flavour and zest of lemon with the creativity and tradition of the island.

Place of birth: Capri. It is its quality which makes it special: the classic after-dinner drink, chosen not by us but rather by the sophistication of taste through the years. Everybody drinks lemon liqueur. Today you're drinking Limoncello, the Limoncello di Capri. Like all exceptional things, it can be made in only one way: the perfect way, from start to finish.
The starting point? The ingredients: just one type of lemon, the best, the most well suited, the “Oval of Sorrento”.
Sun, sea, summer, elegance. Straight or with ice, it can enrich the flavour and aroma of other drinks, can be used in cooking and baking, on ice-cream or fruit salad.
Limoncello di Capri, exotic, inspirational, versatile, like all things Italian, possessing all the attributes to become an outstanding player on the international market.

“The best-selling Limoncello
in restaurants and bars
throughout Italy”

Manufacturer: Limoncello di Capri

The limoncello is an Italian lemon zest base liqueur well known all around the world
The limoncello is born from a sober and genuine recipe, enriched by water, alcool and some spoons of sugar. The history of Limoncello acquire its shape through a series of legends. The Amalfi, Sorrento and Capri people compete for its paternity. Within a few kilometers 3 populations praise themselves of a Limoncello production passed on several generations. In Capri, someone sustain that its origins are bond to the family of the entrepreneur Massimo Canale who, in 1988, was the first to register the "Limoncello" trademark. Limoncino or Limoncello, an outstanding liqueur to taste after the meals, also good when added to fruit salads, ice creams ordesserts preparation. An easy home-made recipe. Its intense yellow colour and its unique unique aroma make the limoncello uno of the most beloved liqueurs.
Articolo - 12/10/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Limoncello di Capri: ...only the best lemons for the best limoncello...
The Limoncello di Capri is a natural liqueur, which is made from the infusion of untreated lemon peel. The lemons are grown exclusively on the island.
Articolo - 30/06/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Limoncello: a liqueur from sun-ripened lemons
The Limoncello is a natural liqueur. Even today it is still made from an easy and original recipe.
Articolo - 01/08/2013 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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