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Testaroli of Lunigiana - Arconatura

Testaroli of Lunigiana - Arconatura

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Testaroli vacuum-packed - 420 gr.
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Testaroli is probably the oldest type of Italian Pasta. Testaroli were know since the Roman Empire and Testaroli with Pesto sauce are a traditional dish of Lunigiana, a beautiful area in the North-West part of Tuscany, bordering Liguria, where pesto was invented.

The name Testaroli comes from "testo" which was a domed griddle (made with cast iron or stone) on which the pasta dough was cooked.

The dough is just flour and water, in the past only water and Farro from Lunigiana were used (a typical grain of the area).

The procedure is interesting because the dough is first cooked into a crepe and then cut into strips then diamonds (or squares) and finally boiled like pasta. They have a unique consistency, almost like gnocchi and soak up the Pesto sauce wonderfully.

Testaroli is a dish which belongs to the so called "poor cousine" and is a part of cooking tradition of Lunigiana. Discover this wonderful dish and be part of our culture!
The Testaroli are thin disks similar to Crepes that you consume boiled, cut into squares or lozenges of few inches sideways and seasoned traditionally with pesto, oil and cheese, tomato or mushroom sauce.

Very special and rare pasta usually served with pesto.

Manufacturer: Arconatura

Ingredients: Flour and water

Testaroli with fresh tuna and pesto alla genovese
Ingredients: - 420 g testaroli "Arconatura" - 130 g pesto alla Genovese DOP basil "La Favorita" - 200 g fresh tuna - 20 fresh cherry tomatoes - Organic extra virgin olive oil "Adamo"
Ricetta - 18/06/2014 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Testaroli with Pesto and Burrata
Ingredients for 4 people: - 420 g testaroli della Lunigiana "Arconatura" - 90 g Ligurian pesto "Arconatura" - 1 Apulian Burrata - Extra virgin olive oil Riviera Ligure DOP "Arconatura" - 2 cooked potatoes
Ricetta - 24/03/2013 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Testaroli with Culatello and Parmigiano
A recipe by our collegue Ada! Ingredients for 3/4 persons: - 420 g testaroli "Arconatura" - 200 g Culatello "Al Berlinghetto" - 50 g Parmigiano Reggiano DOP - 100 g butter - sage
Ricetta - 30/01/2013 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Testaroli with culatello di Zibello (ham) and Castelmagno di Montagna (cheese)
Ingredients for 4 people - 420 g testaroli "Arconatura" - 200 g culatello di Zibello (fine ham) "Cavalier Boschi" - 50 g cheese Castelmagno di Montagna "Terre di Castelmagno" - 100 g butter - 1 tsp Classic broth without glutamate "Bio-Well" - 5/6 sage leaves
Ricetta - 22/11/2012 - ( Network O.I.P. )

Testaroli with pesto
Ingredients for 4 people: - 420 g vacuum packed testaroli “Arconatura” - 90 g Pesto Genovese “Arconatura” - 50 g extra fine green beans in olive oil “Arconatura” - Extra Virgin Olive Oil U Giar¨n “Agriturismo Al Pagan” - Parmigiano Reggiano
Ricetta - 23/10/2012 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Testaroli of Lunigiana - Arconatura


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