It is possible to order the single bottle. We recommend that you order bottles in multiples of 6.
The shipping cost changes every 6 bottles.


OIP ( Only Italian Products )

OIP’s aim is to create a cultural awareness and an array of products to export worldwide using the power of the internet.The web is the global means of communication that is bringing different countries closer together and is the ideal way to combine tradition and innovation.


We are committed to spreading Italy’s high-quality artisanal gourmet heritage throughout the world. Our aim is to educate consumers to choose their food more discerningly and to select a variety of excellent genuine food products made in an eco-friendly and socially responsible way.

We want to help consumers recognise authentic Italian products, by looking closely at the labels, checking quality marks and product origins, and understanding the production processes.Our goal is to inform and inspire our customers to train their palate, to rediscover now-forgotten flavours and enjoy afresh the pleasures of good food in good company.

With our love for food and the huge range of products available on our e-commerce site, we shall be guiding our customers on a remarkable journey of flavours and sensations.

The OIP commitment

  • To spread food culture and environmental awareness
  • To help our producers survive and keep their products on the market
  • To develop our customers’ awareness of the high quality of Italian food
  • To keep craft traditions alive
  • To deliver a panoply of typical Italian products to the consumer’s door

Why choose OIP?

We are totally committed to selecting our suppliers and products as transparently as possible.

We are always ready to assist our customers and to provide all the information they need.We are happy to offer our advice on which products to choose for particular requirements and occasions.

In essence, we want to help our customers to enjoy fine eating with all their senses.


The largest boutique for ITALIAN quality food at a fair price.

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