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Rusello Tumminia and Biancolilla Biologic ancient durum wheat varieties- Agricultural Company Adamo
27/12/2018 - The Russell durum wheat variety is a very ancient kind of wheat which was cultivated all over Sicily, now it is spread only in some circumscribed ares of the island. The Biancolilla wheat is an ancient variety that in the past was very diffused too until the so called "Green Revolution", during which all the ancient wheat were abandoned in favor of more performing wheat varieties, genetically improved, called modern. The Tumminia is a Sicilian native durum wheat variety, it is one of the most ancient Italian varieties. It is a few sieved whole wheat, it contains a lot of trace elements of the wheat germ and bran germ; it has high protein values and a low gluten index. Nowadays the biologic agriculture has resumed the cultivation of those ancient wheats which are considered finer than the modern ones, the bring with them uniques tastes, shades and aromas, they are more digestible, tolerable and rich of nutritive substances too. The ancient wheats are simply the varieties of the past that are remained authentic and original, that is to say they haven't received any change and alteration by the mankind to increase its performance. They are great for the preparation of bakery products both sweet and salty and for pasta too obtaining excellent result both on the visual and the tasting sides. The ancient wheat have uniques shades of tastes and aromas, they maintain a balanced relationship between the amid and gluten containing a fewer percentage of the last one. If you will make a home-made bread with a flour taken form an ancient wheat you will easily find the differences.
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Whole grain Tumminia wheat tagliatelle - Fastuchera

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Tagliatelle integrali - 500 gr.
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Paccheri di Russulidda - Fastuchera Azienda Agricola

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Paccheri di Russulidda Fastuchera - 500 gr.
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Semi-wholemeal Tumminia wheat Tagliatelle - Fastuchera

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Tagliatelle di Semolato di Tumminža Fastuchera - 500 gr.
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Farina di Tumminia - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo

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Farina di Tumminia - 5 Kg.
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Durum Wheat Biancolilla - Azienda agricola Biologica Adamo

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Farina Biancolilla - 5 kg.
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Farina di grano antico Russello - Az. Agricola Biologica Adamo (wheat Russello)

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Farina Russello - 1 Kg.
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