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Salsa per Amatori is Tomato Puree Produced According to an all-Calabrian Processing Method 🥫
20/06/2024 - Tomatoes of excellent quality, grown in the open field, carefully selected and processed within hours of harvesting, passed through a wide-weave sieve capable of removing seeds and skins, but at the same time useful to ensure a full-bodied and more flavorful cut. Not only Brought to cooking at low temperature and in a very slow way to preserve the organoleptic characteristics and a high density. Any process of concentration is excluded; the high quality of the raw material allows avoiding the use of citric acid and added salt. Crispino's production is not only sauces, but also ready-made sauces, from recipes rooted in the gastronomic heritage of Calabria, raw materials selected and processed from fresh. Italian tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, natural flavorings. Absence of tomato paste and added sugar, no dyes or preservatives. A wide variety of sauces capable of quickly enhancing pasta dishes,making them intense, delicious and delicious, but above all genuine. Like any self-respecting Calabrian producer, Famiglia Crispino also produces preserves in oil typical of the region. Eggplants, Chillies and Olives are the products at the base of these specialties, these Calabrian agricultural excellences, first end up in the hands of Master canners who keep the secrets of ancient recipes. Strong flavors,absence of preservatives and dyes: these are the elements that characterize Crispino's tasty appetizers.


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