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Mulino Angelica - Starting from Wheat to Enhance Sicily 🌾
06/06/2024 - Mulino Angelica is located in one of the centers of wheat production in Italy, Sicily is in fact known as the granary of Italy. Indeed, soft and hard wheat has been grown here for millennia, not only the common varieties but also other typical ones such as Russello, Tumminia (or Timilia) and Majorca, recently known commercially as ancient grains. What these varieties represent, however, goes far beyond an economic purpose; in fact, they represent a heritage of biodiversity, flavors and culture unique to the island. There are several producers and artisans who have grasped this aspect and are committed to promoting their cultivation and dissemination. Mulino Angelica fits into this scenario with its headquarters in the City of Modica, famous for the local chocolate of the same name.The cultivation takes place partly in the first person and partly conferred by selected farmers in the surrounding area who follow the same principles, i.e., organic cultivation and respect for natural times and processes. The Wheat from the fields then passes to the Mill, the beating heart of the company, where after a rigorous control and a careful natural cleaning phase they ensure the genuineness of the product. The flour is obtained starting from milling by means of the natural French La Fertè stone, which is able to generate a flour in which the grains and bran are best blended, so as to obtain a flour rich in fiber and protein and with an intense aromaticity. Mulino Angelica's commitment is aimed at an all-round local development project, aimed at promoting working skills and local grains as a true expression of the territory while respecting the environment and total symbiosis between man and land.


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