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La Tresca award-winning craft brewery
11/01/2024 - La Tresca's beers have character and personality, which enabled it to be awarded 3 medals at the Cerevisia Prize in 2023

La Tresca is a craft brewery, which is (and strongly wants to be) rooted in the territory in which it was born: in Suno, in the mid-Novarese area, in the valley of the Meja stream. For La Tresca it is important to emphasise territoriality because, for example, it collects the water used for production from one of their wells that exploits an aquifer 90 metres deep.

More generally, the brewery produces high and low fermentation beers, using an isobaric process to transfer the products from the fermentation vats to the mash-bottle. All beers are brewed in the traditional way, unpasteurised and unfiltered, with selected, high quality raw materials.

For this reason, La Tresca's beers have characteristics and personality, which allowed it to be awarded 3 medals at the Cerevisia Prize in 2023 (certainly the most renowned at national level, with the patronage of the Ministry of Agriculture with chemical-physical examination carried out in the laboratories of Cerb in Perugia - Research Centre for beer Excellence - to decide its participation).

Here are the prizes received:

Oltre beer - 1st place Belgian/Stron Ale style

Rossa - 2nd place Bock style and sub-styles

Palmita - 2nd place Weizen style


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