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Masseria Dauna is an Apulia company that cultivates tomatoes and olives on the Dauni Mounts, between Apulia and Basilicata: from the tomatoes conservation we give live to our tomato purees, tomatoes naturally conserved and high quality sauces.
14/09/2016 - Masseria Dauna was born thanks to the Pozzuto Sister's desire to re-discover and preserve the ancient Apulian tastes and traditions. It was funded among the hills of the Dauni Mounts in 2001, the agricultural company do its best to maintain alive the typical Apulia cultures: Tomato and Olive. It follows faithfully an philosophy which supports the natural and seasons cycles. Masseria Dauna tomatoes are harvested only when they're at the right stage of ripening and they're processed following the original traditional recipes, using natural ingredients without any preservative or colouring in order to maintain the sweet and intense taste of tomatoes as most authentic as possible. Among pur conserves you can find the tomato puree, natural whole peeled tomatoes, the Spaccatella, and ready- sausages with bell peppers, aubergine or onion.
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Sliced tomatoes - Masseria Dauna

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Sliced tomatoes- gr. 580
6.70 $

Pomodorini in water and salt - Masseria Dauna

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Pomodorini in water and salt - 720 ml.
6.32 $

Tomato purré - Masseria Dauna

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Tomato purré - net weight 720 ml
6.08 $

Peeled tomatoes - Masseria Dauna

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Peeled tomatoes - 580 ml.
6.32 $

Onion sauce - Masseria Dauna

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Onion sauce - 314 ml
7.03 $

Pepper sauce - Masseria Dauna

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Pepper sauce - 314 ml
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