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Borage - Aromatic Pot Plant 14cm - Orto mio

Borage - Aromatic Pot Plant 14cm - Orto mio

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BORRAGINE - Piantina aromatica in vaso 14 - Orto mio
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Aromatic Pot Plant nearly 20cm high in a 14cm vase.
Borage candied flowers are used to garnish cakes. Its fresh flowers are used to season salads. The young leaves, are chopped up an mixed raw with fresh cheese or salads. while if they're cooked they consume like spinach. They're cooked simply adding some Extra virgin olive oil and garlic because the plant juice will maintain the right humidity.

Manufacturer: Orto Mio

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Orto Mio:
The Agricultural Company Orto Mio has been cultivated vegetable garden pot plants for generations. The company has been the leader in the professional market of its field, specifically in the production of pot plants. The history of the agricultural company orto Mio began in furl in 1970. Since 40 years it has exclusively been producing vegetable garden pot plants, first only for the professional market and the, in 1990, it started to sell amateurs the plants too. Nowadays Orto Mio produces nearly 150.000.000 pot plants, presenting more than 350 vegetable varieties, all of them destined to the familiar or urban vegetable garden markets. The pot plants, delivered every day in the shops, are mainly distributed to peddlers, garden centers and agricultural shops in all the Central-North Italy. All the Orto Mio plants are cultivated in different areas of Emilia Romagna. The company has a 25Ha plot of land, all covered by last generation greenhouses and dislocated in 10 localities going from the sea to the first hill. It is a big competitive advantage being able to cultivate every plant according to its specific climatic needs. Every seeding, planting and cultivation are personally conduced by our expert and caring personnel, coordinated by a 5 people technical staff, we cultivate with the aim of producing healthy and resistant pot plant. This is to allow everyone to cultivate easily healthy and genuine vegetables as only their own proper vegetable garden can give them.
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Borage - Aromatic Pot Plant 14cm - Orto mio


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