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Mandorle Siciliane Sgusciate e Pelate - Nama Mandorle

Mandorle Siciliane Sgusciate e Pelate - Nama Mandorle

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Mandorle Pelate calibro 34/36 - 500 gr.
16.69 $

The almond is a typical Sicilian product, whose usage in the pastry-making is the symbol of the land of the sun above all in the famous almond pastry.
The almond is a seed particularly full of magnesium, calcium and iron: so we're talking about a particularly nourishing food in addition to its unquestionable quality!
The quality that we have selected for our customers is the "cultivar", the sweetest in the whole the area of Avola.
The Sicilian almonds are also great for cooking recipes, very used for the breadcrumbs and to be part of a lot of condiment for pasta like busiate with swordfish and almonds.

Sicilian Almond shelled and peeled, almond 100% Sicilian typical product.

Manufacturer: Nama Mandorle

100% Sicilian natural almonds
The best almonds 100% natural, dried under the heat of the summer sun and peeled; no chemical products both on the trees and their fruits are used. The pick up is hand made between July and August. The Almonds can be peeled or natural, ready to be used in many different ways in the kitchen: they can be chopped up and turned into grain, added to a first course or main courses. They're perfect for desserts too, in the cooking biscuits, almond paste, martorana fruit, torrone sweets, slushes and many other things. It is a natural and gluten free product.
Articolo - 16/01/2017 - ( Network O.I.P. )

The Avola Almond "Incomparable quality protected by the Consortium"
The Avola almond is unique in the whole world, incomparable for its shape and organoleptic properties. The territory makes it really special, there the clime is warm, thanks to its vicinity to the sea and the presence of the Iblei Mounts which stop the frozen winds from the northwest and the north. The almonds are a food rich in proteins and magnesium, easily digestible and very energetic. They are particularly recommended when your body needs energy. The "Pizzuta" is the hard and smooth shell, with small holes. The seed has flat shape: this almond is the symbol of the highest quality haute patisserie. The "Fascionello" compete with the "Pizzuta" the primate in the application to the pastry-making due to its delicate fragrance. The last one is the "Romana" also called "Corrente d'Avola", it is easily recognizable thanks to its triangular shape. The safeguard and improvement consortium of the Almond was born in 2000 after an initiative organized by the producers, merchants, and pastry-making companies that use the Avola Almond.
Articolo - 14/03/2016 - ( Network O.I.P. )

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Mandorle Siciliane Sgusciate e Pelate - Nama Mandorle


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