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Toasted and Shelled Hazelnuts - Nama Mandorle

Toasted and Shelled Hazelnuts - Nama Mandorle

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Nocciole pelate tostate - 500 gr.
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The round Sicilian hazelnuts particularly appreciated for its unique aroma, its delicate flavour and its persistent perfume.
The harvest takes place between September and October, when the mature fruits fall down form the trees. Apart from the well known organoleptic properties, the hazelnut has great nourishing properties too, in fact it contains monounsaturated lipids, vitamins E and K, minerals as potassium, calcium and phosphorus, it is a good source of fitosterol too.
As all the dry fruit, the hazelnut is an food full of monounsaturated lipids, that is to say the good lipids which carry out an important anti-oxidation function.
In order not to alter their flavour and nourishing properties the hazelnuts have to be toasted at temperatures lower than 40 degrees.
The elimination of the skin that cover the seeds is made through a quick passage in a hot oven(180 degrees almost).

Manufacturer: Nama Mandorle

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Toasted and Shelled Hazelnuts - Nama Mandorle


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