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Is it possible for you to source the following wine? I drank it whilst on holiday in Rome last year and it was possibly the nicest wine Iíve ever tasted! Canít seem to find anyone who sells it though, certainly not in England.
The wine is
Lambrusco Emilia Amabile ďAmbasciatoriĒ
I appreciate any assistance you can give

Kind regards
Michelle Miller

User: Michelle
Category/Topic Argomento generico
Even if not present in the list it is certainly possible to procure.
enter order like Lambrusco Cavicchioli, and in the order notes write the Lambrusco you want to get, that is Ambasciatori , I will get it, The price is very similar,
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No sorry, I didn't remember it's on the list
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Ambasciatori Lambrusco Emilia Amabile - 0,75 lt.
7.50 Ä

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