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Armatore - Filetti di Alici di Cetara in Olio (Anchovies)

Armatore - Filetti di Alici di Cetara in Olio (Anchovies)

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Filetti di Alici di Cetara in olio - 195 g
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Filetti di Alici di Cetara in olio - 90 g
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The salted anchovies of Cetara are the culinary symbol of the Amalfi Coast. An ancient process of salting that makes the fish product a true delicacy.
Only the largest anchovies, caught on the Amalfi Coast, are selected for salting. The maturation process takes place in chestnut barrels, for a period of never less than 8 months, alternating layers of anchovies with layers of sea salt.
Salted Anchovies of Cetara are very good for the creation of countless recipes and are excellent for aromatizing and enhancing different dishes.

Manufacturer: Armatore

Format : 90/175 g.

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Armatore - Filetti di Alici di Cetara in Olio (Anchovies)


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