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Principato di Lucedio

I Prodotti: Pasta and Rice Typical products and treats

The Abbey of Lucedio was founded in 1123 by the Cistercian Monks that reclaimed the land starting here, first in Italy, rice growing at the beginning of the XV centurye.

As time went by, thanks to its strategic geographic position along the Via Francigena, the Abbey became a prosperous centre of economic and political power: three were the Popes that visited Lucedio.

Several noble Italian families fought for the possession of Lucedio which from the Gonzaga passed to the Savoy until it has been annexed to the properties of Napoleon at the beginning of the XIX century.

Later on, the Abbey became property of the Marquis Giovanni Gozani di San Giorgio, the ancestor of the present owner, Countess Rosetta Clara Cavalli d’Olivola Salvadori di Wiesenhoff.
Products from the Principato di Lucedio are renowned all over the world for their exceptional quality, fruit of a very long experience and love for traditions; qualities still very important in Italy. The farming-estate Principato di Lucedio stretches for 500 ha and is situated inside a Regional Park. The whole cycle of production uses techniques with low environmental impact. The packaging is made under protective atmosphere in order to guarantee freshness and nutrition values.

Saffron pistils Principato di Lucedio

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Saffron pistils
12.68 $

Maize-semolina Fioretto Principato di Lucedio

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Fioretto maize semolina - 500 gr.
3.18 $

Fusilli di Farro (spelt pasta) Principato di Lucedio

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Fusilli di Farro (spelt pasta) - 500 gr.
6.65 $

Chickpeas Flour Principato di Lucedio

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Farina di Ceci - 500gr.
8.16 $


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