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Mulino Angelica

I Prodotti: Pasta and Rice Bakery products

Mulino Angelica was born in the heart of the Val di Noto, in the baroque city of Modica, a point of reference for production in the Sicilian agribusiness sector.
Sicily, often referred to as the granary of Italy, gives us so many varieties of grains, which is why we have decided through our farm to start the process of custody and maintenance in purity of ancient grains.

Our farm has certified two seeds of ancient grains and aims to certify two more by 2024. The seed custody process also allows us to fully know the raw material, which we ourselves partly grow, and to select farmers who follow our principles, grow organically and respect the processes and timelines that nature sets.

Ours is a true local development project that enhances the land, the farmers and all those who are part of it.

We are also among the founders of a certified zero-kilometer cereal supply chain that promotes local grains that are an expression of the identity of the Hyblaean territory and are inspired by the standards set by the Safe Quality System specification certified by the Sicily region.
No mycotoxins in our products, no glyphosate used in the fields, and above all guaranteed traceability identity and nutritional values.

Our plant uses 100% of its energy from renewable sources.
This allows us to respect the environment around us in a total symbiosis between man and earth.

To produce an excellent flour, not only the quality of the grain is essential, but also careful and capable milling.
It all starts with our three French La Fertè natural stone millstones (millstones made from raw materials extracted from the La Fertè sous Jouarre quarry basin in France), which grind the wheat grains entirely, turning them into flour. The flour results rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats, this is because by milling the whole grains the germ and the coating (bran) are perfectly blended with the flour resulting in superior flavor and nutritional properties.

Then, by means of a pneumatic conveying system, the flour passes to the stage of grading and sifting.
Thanks to plansichters, which are real sieves, we remove the woody part to make the final product healthy and digestible.

Our Flours:
Maiorca soft wheat flour
Timilia durum wheat flour
Russello durum wheat flour
Perciasacchi durum wheat flour
Senatore Cappelli durum wheat flour

Pizza Mix / Pasta Mix / Bread Mix

Gold of Sicily

Soft wheat flour Strong / Soft wheat flour Medium

Mulino Angelica - Farina Tipo 2 di Grano tenero 100% Italiano Forte

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Mulino Angelica Farina Tipo 2 di Grano tenero 100% Italiano Forte - 1 Kg.
3.90 $

Mulino Angelica - Farina Maiorca di Grano Tenero Tipo 1 Bio

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Mulino Angelica Farina di Grano tenero Maiorca Tipo 1 Bio - 1 Kg.
5.13 $

Mulino Angelica - Linguine di Grani Antichi Siciliani Bio

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Mulino Angelica Linguine di Grani Antichi Siciliani Bio - 500g
4.37 $

Mulino Angelica - Farina di Semola di Grano duro 100% Siciliano "Oro di Sicilia"

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Mulino Angelica Farina di Semola di Grano duro 100% Siciliano "Oro di Sicilia" - 1 Kg.
4.12 $


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