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Located in the Special Nature Reserve and the Safeguard Zone of the San Genuario Swamp, it is located in the area where the Del Po River Park is located, the Bosco Delle Sorti della Partecipanza in Trino and the Biotipo di Fontana Gigante, has origins linked to the reclamation of natural aquatic environments.
The two areas have undergone a progressive process of re-naturalization, forming complex marsh habitats of great fauna, in particular ornithological, but also entomological and floristic.
"From Vercellese to Molinella", the popular songs of the mondine - most of which protest and denounce the very difficult working conditions of those times - identify in a very effective way what was the main geographical area in which this was spread type of environments. Real artificial marshes, the flooded rice fields of the Po Valley have for decades constituted a valid alternative for the nesting of a whole series of species of birds linked to the wetlands.
At the same time, the paddy field was transformed into a real ecosystem, particularly precious for birds, in particular all those areas bordered by the surrounding areas - canals, rice paddies, etc. - that housed the typical aquatic vegetation such as reeds. Even today very important for many species, the risicolo environments have been - and probably will be even more so in the future - by profound transformations over the last decades, hand in hand with the mechanization of culture and with the establishment of less cultural techniques. compatible with the ecological needs of many aquatic species.
This is how Natura 2000 was born, a protected area in which my company belongs
Natura 2000 wants to introduce a different approach to land use and exploitation of resources, in a logic of sustainable development and for the vital maintenance of ecosystems. It is recognized that a series of human activities are indispensable for the protection of biodiversity (it is the case of many traditional agricultural practices) and for this reason they must be considered as an important factor in conservative management.

RISO CARNAROLI - Cascina Musella

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Carnaroli rice 1 KG
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RISO VENERE – Cascina Musella

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Black Rice Venere 1 Kg.
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RISO ERMES – Cascina Musella

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Red Rice Ermes 1 KG
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Arborio rice 1Kg
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