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Mare Puro

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The story of La Bottarga di Tonno Group is the story of a man's life project born and raised in an area where the processing of tuna and its by-products were handed down over the years from generation to generation.

The fishing and consumption of bluefin tuna has its roots in the history of the Mediterranean.
Mare Puro has always focused its development on values of sustainability
aimed at safeguarding the environment.

The entire processing of our products takes place in Sicily.
Over the years, the company has focused on the quality of the products linked mainly to their processing.

The various stages of processing are, in fact, the result of a perfect combination of tradition, innovation and dedication given to the entire production process.

Mare Puro is a brand of La Bottarga di Tonno Group Srl, which has been producing, processing and marketing prized tuna and mullet roe as well as a wide range of processed and packaged seafood products since 2008.

Ready-Made "alla Pescatora" sauce - La Bottarga di Tonno Group

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Sugo pronto alla Pescatora - gr. 220
4.89 $

Grated yellowfin tuna bottarga - La Bottarga di Tonno Group

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Bottarga di Tonno Yellofin grattuggiata - gr. 30
6.31 $

La Bottarga di Tonno Group - Colatura di Alici 100 ml. - Mare Puro

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La Bottarga di Tonno Group Colatura di Alici 100 ml. - Mare Puro -
9.36 $

Fresh bluefin red tuna fillet

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Fresh red tuna fillet - 1 Kg. - Express shipping only
48.40 $


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